Blackberry breakfasts..

Three decades back when I started working for a living, there was  clear demarcation between work and life, hence they called it as work life balance. Then came internet, which allowed us to do a great deal of our work from outside the office. This erased the boundary between work and life and I got into a multitasking mode throughout, resulting in imbalances. Now I am on vacation, and I could see this phenomena among most of the tourists as well. Even while sharing the table with family members, many are busy with their smart phones. I am no exception. Had to send a couple of emails and attend half a dozen phone calls during the past three days. I think this is inevitable and that is going to be the way of life. Started agreeing to the fact that work is an integral part of life, and a journey into the wild with the family reminds me that work is only part of life and there is much more to life than work alone.

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