I will not recommend this phone for the business man ..when the photographer in me is delighted with it.

Looking at the technical specifications and watching the paid reviews of nokia 808 pureview I bought this phone with the 41 megapixel camera a month back, by selling off my samsung galaxy 3. I must be really crazy. My initial reaction after switching to nokia 808 pureview was the same. I felt cheated. In fact I goofed upon my schedules a couple of times because I did not have access to my google calendars. Switching from android to symbian was like treading back in the time line. The usability factor of symbian looks premitive when coimpared to android. Yes, the main reason I bought this phone was for its 41mp camera and that also seemed like a disaster. So I wanted sell it off and go for samsung note2. To my surprise when the actual moment of exchanging the nokia 808 for a samsung note2, I did not do that. I decided to keep the nokia 808 pureview. I realised that no other smart phone on planet earth is as smart as this phone when it comes to photography, battery life and voice clarity.
There was a learning curve while moving from android to this. If hou take a shot and the enlarge it the clarity of the picture is superb. But if you zoom while taking the picture then the picture clarity is not that great. So always take the shot and then zoom it, than zooming it while composing the shot. This is a limitation and I am willing to adjust for the convenience of having a powerful camera with me when tha action happens than loosing it altogether. After my tryst with this phone over a month I am convinced of the fact that I am going to keep this phone with me for some time. Will I recommend it to others known to me?. Most probably no. If your usage is for business alone then you will be really disappointed with this phone. If you are a photography enthusiast you will adore this phone or this camera with a phone


Here is a photo I took recently with my nokia 808 pureview.


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