Be proactive…..

Be proactive. Sounds familiar?. When Stephen convey inked it down as the first habit among  the seven habits of highly effective people, he would not have thought of it’s significance in project management. My career as a consultant and coach project management gave me the opportunity to come across five thousand plus project managers world wide, and most of them fell into the category of blackberry managers. It is the messages and the emails they received during the day which shaped  their days. In project management, when the body of knowledge says that ninety percentage of the project manager’s time goes into communication then there is further scope for thought. The nature of communication is decided by the management style of the stakeholders involved. The nature of communication emanating from a proactive manager will be proactive in nature, else it will be reactive. This is the difference between professional project management and adhoc project management. A professional project manager is always on top of things, proactive. An unprofessional project manager is always reactive. Believe me, professional project management or proactive project management  is easier than adhoc project management, and this can be accomplished very easily by the application of the right tools and techniques.

Be proactive is an attitude, wear it now.

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