She stopped crying and I am ….

These days it is more prevailant. Who is she?. I don’t know. She keeps crying throughout the day and night. She lives either one apartment above or below mine. She might be sick. She might be bed ridden. She might be an abandoned child, or a well taken care of sick child. Her cries make me think of her, and many like her who are bed ridden. I do not hear anyone else’s voice from there. I am sure that they are also suffering along with her, and bearing their cross silently. At least this child is lucky. She has someone to take care of her. What about those who do not have anyone to take care of them. I have only questions without answers. This entry will remain as an entry by one of those new age global citizens who can only empathise and question without any action. I hate myself for that….is your position the same?….now she stopped her cries…and  I am crying out of shame.

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