Universe conspired in the form of a nutmeg, helping me to achieve it.”

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Photography and blogging have taught me lot of lessons in life, and this is one of them. With a camera with you, and if you have interest to click at the things you come across, then no moment is a dull moment. My good photographs (as of today, tomorrow it can become average when I click better ones) never happened during the planned trips. Those ones happened spontaneously. Today I went to the construction site of my new house to meet a contractor. As usual the dilemma of whether to carry the heavy DSLR camera or the lighter one surfaced, and I settled for the lighter one, because photography was not in the agenda.   As expected, the contractor was late. That turned out to be a God sent opportunity for me to explore for some good compositions in the surroundings to freeze. Since there was no one with me, I could enjoy the silence of the place as well, reminding me of the saying ”Never go to the jungle with a talkative person”.  All I wanted was a good photograph, and the universe conspired in the form of a nutmeg, which gave me amble opportunity to take some good pictures with my Nikon coolpix S9100 camera, which I did not like till then. Now I started liking it. After all it is not the camera alone which makes great pictures.

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