A tribute to Stephen Covey

Silently Stephen covey departed us. I will rate his book ‘the seven habits of highly effective people’ as one of the best books I have read ever. Whether I am following the concepts or not is the last thing to discuss. However, whenever I get into the cobweb of the so many not urgent and not important things of this modern life, the concepts he taught gives me hope. That could be the reason why that book is still available in all book stalls after almost three decades of existence. Even when I make this post, my subconscious mind is asking me this question ‘how important is this?’, and I am really struggling to find an answer. To be honest, in my case
, blogging happens at the cost of physical exercise. Since sitting at one place and typing is easier than going for that five kilo meter walk, I prefer the former. Because of this, my energy levels are very low, and it is reflecting in every other sphere of my life. In the corporate jargon, the process of picking up the right projects, which are in best alignment to the organisational strategy to achieve the business goals, and then maintaining this alignment throughout is known as project portfolio management. In my case, this is very much applicable at a personal level. It is high time to prioritise what I want to do with the rest of my life. As a tribute to the great writer, Stephen covey, I want to do it all over again…..thank you Stephen for all the wonderful contributions you made to this world. Your concepts are immortal as the world is providing every one with unlimited opportunities to break or make their lives, and it is up to each one to prioritise. May your soul rest in peace.

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