If it is my ignorance, I am happy. If I am right, I am sad

Emerging Kerala Conference got over yesterday. When the most popular news paper in Kerala is portraying the event as a great success, others have different views about it. While the intent is good, there are fundamental flaws in project selection. As we all know, every project portfolio must be linked to a vision. Here I am not very clear about the vision for Kerala. If at all there is one, where is it?. Who formulated it?. Is it driven by the benefit to the ordinary citizen, or to the benefit of a few entrepreneurs?. There is absolutely no clarity on these fronts. As an ordinary Kerala citizen, these are the burning issues I am facing today…

  • The food I am eating is poisonous. Because of this the deaths due to chronic diseases like cancer is in dangerous proportions. I am looking forward to some very urgent actions from the Government’s side to take immediate action to control the quality of food being supplied to the Kerala citizen. This is the fundamental responsibility of those in power. There is no single project listed for the prevention of chronic diseases. Five star hospitals will not cater to this.
  • The condition of the existing roads are pathetic. I need good roads, throughout the year. When this is the case, what is the point in developing new roads. Creation is easy, maintenance is difficult.
  • Corruption at every level. It is very difficult to get any document from any government office without paying bribe. The chief minister articulated a service level agreement in this regard but nobody knows how effective is the implementation.
  • Improvement of the education standard. Every tom, dick and harry should not be allowed to start educational institutions in this country.
  • Security to the households
  • Promotion of culture

I could not see many projects supporting these causes. The concept is good, and it must be tied to a well articulated, inspiring vision for the state, which no political party can alter at least for the next ten years. Till this is done, we will not progress. Whatever is done by someone will be undone by somebody else….all at the taxpayer’s expense.



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