I am OK, when You are not OK, because I am not OK occasionally:-)

Today, I was on time for a breakfast meeting which is supposed to start at 7.30 a.m. Generally If I am on time, and if the other person is late, that is enough reason for me to get upset, triggering the start of the meeting in wrong note. Somehow today, I was not that upset. One reason was the fact that I have been late for meetings myself, on many occasions. Of course, I do not feel good about it, and I am improving. The very fact that I was on time for this meeting at 7.30 a.m, after driving for 45 minutes is proof to that. But then, being imperfect myself, helps me to understand the imperfections in others as well.

Going by the adult behavior as described in the I am OK, You are OK book (Should I rephrase it to I am OK, when you are not OK), I decided to go for  ‘What can I do now?’ , resulting in exploring those 20 percentage of the functions on my mobile phone, which I have not used yet, or probably will not use ever, and still paid for it. This time it was some of the camera functions of the mobile camera, and here is an encouraging result….even that is not perfect:-). Still I am happy for not allowing my blood pressure levels to soar high.

So next time you face such situations,  explore those unexplored ”anything”….and say I am OK, when you are not OK, because I am not OK…occasionally :-). Those of you, who have not sinned (corporately…may be a new word), please cast your stones at me…

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