What gold is for women, are mobile phones to men

I started adoring Nokia when they launched the e71. Then I bought the e72, which was perfect in all aspects. I changed my e71 for e72 for no tangible reasons. If at all I hated Nokia phones those days was for providing me with those front cameras which I never switched on because there was no 3G in India during those days. The key reasons for liking Nokia was its pure sound and sufficient battery life and the qwerty key board. Then came the android phones. Naturally I had to go for a brand named Samsung. Somehow, being Indian, the word Korea or china is not synonymous with quality as it is with the word Japan or Finland. I went for Samsung, because Nokia did not have an android phone, and at that time, apple was considering India as the dumping ground of their obsolete models, and their user unfriendliness. Even after a couple of iPads and iPods, syncing my iTunes to the device remains as a nightmare. Then came the news of Nokia with windows. Being a Nokia loyalist, eagerly awaiting the Nokia android device, that was really frustrating. I was really unhappy with the poor battery life, heating devices and irritating voice quality of the Samsung devices including galaxy s2, galaxy s3 and note 1 and eagerly awaiting for note2. Still I went after these galaxy of Samsung devices because I love Facebook, Skype, twitter, flip board, calendar, word press, blogger, YouTube, google maps, and the company google. With a Samsung device in my pocket, I had to always move around with a charger. Any time, the battery could get exhausted. So I have one charger in my home, one in my office, one in my travel kit and one in my car. That’s a big pain. Many times the battery ran out at critical times. In between I had some forays into the motorola world. Loved the moto razor, when it worked properly. The after sales support was also pathetic. Tried htc for a small while. It was more like changing from a right hand driven vehicle to a left hand driven vehicle. Have not tried an iPhone and blackberry yet. I am really skeptical about apple without Steve jobs, and it’s closed policies. Their recent win against Samsung is another reason for including them in my hate list. I do not want to identify myself with a product coming out of an arrogant company, which till recently did not consider my country as an important market. Research in motion is in doldrums, so, even if their product is good, I do not want to gamble. Another reason is the convenience of pre paid connections over post paid connections. I do not want to get hooked to any particular service provider by buying their hardware.

That forced me to go back to Nokia with a e5. Before buying, I looked at the pure view and the Nokia windows phones. The cost of these devices were exhorbitnt for another experiment. After flirting with others, coming back to Nokia with an e5 is very delightful. It just does what a phone is supposed to do. Voice clarity is superb, the five megapixel camera may not awesome, but performs well in outdoor conditions like all other smartphones. Battery life is superb. If at all I wish something extra, then I will request to increase the overall size of the e5 to match the s2 size, which will give it a bigger key board and display. Again this must not be at the cost of battery life. India has the largest collection of gold in the world, because the Indian women are crazy about golden ornaments. They continuously change it to match the latest trends. The design which went out of fashion a decade back gets trendy now. So is the case with mobile phones for the Indian man. Any way we will buy new phones. Gone are the days when the mobile phone manufacturers could sell anything to us. Give us good value for money phones, which will work, at affordable prices. Using a Nokia Symbian phone these days portrays the image of a no nonsense human being who is not an Internet addict, who is above the marketing gimmicks of the mobile phone manufacturers.


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