Quick guide to professional project management

Are you into project management?. Then wear the hat of a professional project manager immediately. Just follow these tips..

1. Understand the purpose of the project. The best place to seek this info is the business case of the project. The person who is funding the project (sponsor) would have documented it in the project charter. If the business case is not available in a documented form, talk to the relevant stakeholders to understand it. Getting into a project which do not have a sound business case can be the beginning of all problems. Understanding the business case of the project, empowers the project manager. Very often seeking to understand the business case of the project will reveal the linkages of the project under consideration to other projects and programs, thus improving the dependency management.

2. Understand other stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities

3. Uunderstand the project manager’s roles and responsibilities and prepare the project plan and strategy

4. Understand the scope of your project

5. Understand the acceptance criteria of hour project

6. Identify the risks of your project and develop risk management plans

7. Work out the resource requirements of your project

8. Understand the resource requirement of your project

9. Define the roles and responsibilities of the key positions

10. Get the team onboard

11. Induct them

12. Delegate

13. Monitor and control the phase

14. Close the phase formally

15. Manage stakeholder expectations

Repeat it for every phase

Good luck. Become a professional project manager right now onwards. Very often it is the mental attitude that matters the most.

Thy will, not mine……


Back to Bangalore

Cloudy, rainy, noisy Bangalore. Still it has something  magical about it. The airport itself signals the fact that we are second to none, and in some aspects we  are ahead of many. When one gets out of it, you are greeted by an atmosphere charged with the emotion of loved and sorrow triggered by the arrivals and the departures. The hatta kappi alias coffee shop is still there to welcome  you back to the world of filter coffee, cricket, karnatic music, cubbon park, vidhana soudha and information technology. I love you Bangalore, the city where I was born.

Present perfect


A prayer