Are you implementing scrum?, then read this.

I am not bad in starting things, and at the same time do not have the perseverance to make them grand success stories. So is the case with many organisations embarking on the scrum journey. They get into it enthusiastically and then looses interest over a period of time for no major reasons. They do not hate it, and at the same time they do not adore it any more. It’s like buying that new car. You talk about it, take care of it, are enthusiastic about it during the early days of possession and then familiarity broods boredom. Scrum implementations are not different from this. It is here the commitment and the will of the senior management can make a huge difference.

What is the point in sharing ideas in bits and pieces?. So I have charted out a simple roadmap for those implementing scrum, which will help them to be realistic and have sustainable scrum implementations. Please visit for the first draft. This is an output of my tryst with 27 teams, helping them to implement scrum. Your comments will help to streamline it further. @

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