Ever since i got a samsung note

Almost two months over since i got my galaxy not..which is of no doubt a boredom freeing tool which is accessible any time because it fits into my pocket and is with me wherever i go. It is smaller than an ipad by fifty percentage and it is bigger than the iphone by fifty percentage. Not a phone, not a pad, but a note pad which makes the name apt for it. When i receive a call on it, it is not as awkward as attending a call on the ipad..for that matter any pad. The video quality is superb whereas the still camera is not upto the mark even with a eight mega pixel camera. The leather cover which comes along with the standard kit is simple and functional with rich leather looks. While at home i still prefer my ipad to watch youtube and the samsung note is the most indispensible tool for me when i step out of my home.

What do i use it for?. Now i am waiting for my doctors appointment and this blog entry is happening in a very relaxed manner without gerting the attention of anyone. I use it extensively for email, calendar, maps, facebook, tweetdeck, blogger, wordpress, youtube and very rarely the samsung note
application because for that application the screen size is not big enough. I love the mindjet application which helps me to create mimdmaps. The android application market is really buzzling with activity anf every day opens up with new possibilities. As usual the battery life is around one day with my type of moderate use. Now carrying a charger in my car and in my travel bag has become a habit. The battery life is not inferior to other smartphones in the market and at the same time it is not siperior as well. The pricing in india is rs.32000 as of today. For me, after using it for almost sixty days…it is a great value adding tool which i never regre
t buying. One key gadget buying tip; if you are planning to buy any gadget, buy it when it is the latest product offering. I will never buy nor advise others to buy an older version of a product even when the pricing is aggressive. Buy it when it is latest so that you can fully enjoy the pride of owning something latest atleast for an year before the next version hits the market. Have a good day. Hope my name is closer to the top in the doctor’s list.


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