Owning a business, working from home, without a boss and a team…..

The days when there is no internet, of course, I am restless, anticipating the very important order, containing that mega business opportunity..which is never real (virtual). Even if there is internet, and even if I check my emails every fifteen minutes, my business is never going to improve. In order to improve the business I must work on the product or product portfolio or business strategy or customer relations or employee relations. Internet as a tool can help me fractionally here, and at the same time suck my valuable time, which is fixed at eight hours per day. The same holds good for television. Last year we had three consecutive days of television connection failure, and everybody at home had enough time for every one at home. Our communication improved. We slept early and got up early. We had time for exercise. Even reading the newspaper which contains heavy doze of negative news is a time waster. Social media is another opportunity to waste time. If the friends there are people at least we have met once in our life, then it is a useful tool to keep in touch, else it just creates an illusion that one have many friends, which is unreal. Personally I have whiled away days and weeks and months..doing nothing productive except going from one futile net related activity to other, without concentrating on those things that really matters. This is a very chronic problem, when you are working from home, or when you have lot of free time after work. The kind of self discipline required to stay focused on what is really important (important and not urgent, important and urgent) is of key importance, when one is working from home. The ability to stop an activity is the key skill set required here. We cannot do away with all the interesting stuff happening in the digital media. At least I do not want to miss them, because that is the time of  daily family union. The best thing I can do is to get up from the couch after some time, than spending the whole evening on the couch. A habit of daily/weekly activity planning is helping me here, and I am using a white board for it, which is positioned right in front of my table, strategically positioned, to loom large at me.

3 Replies to “Owning a business, working from home, without a boss and a team…..”

  1. Hi Aby,
    Interesting thought. Very much true. While ago I had a coworker who worked from home always. She told me that, she had a home office that she treated just like the real one. She would dress up, including wearing a shoe, and enters her office, sits there and works as if she was in real office. She gets out only for breaks that includes coffee, lunch, etc. She had almost an obsessive discipline about this. And she attributes this to her decade plus working from home career.

    For me she was a little extreme, but effective. Point is if you feel you need to find ways for you to make yourself effective.

    Always looking forward to reading your posts.
    Keep it coming,


  2. thank you Binu.thanks for sharing your experience on this. As per HBR, the future organization will comprise of hyper specialists in a narrow field, working on the project of their choice, from a place of their choice, at a time most convenient for them. So working from home is here to stay.


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