Transitioning from a trainer to a coach

What is the difference between a trainer and a coach. Iam on my way to yet another training. What is the main motivator for me?. What is the growth path for a trainer?. What are the key differences betwen a trainer, a coach and a mentor?. Is this the right sequence of growth for a trainer?. Iam convinced of the fact that i need to innovate my work because boredom is slowly setting in which is bound to happen with repetition. Test driven training and moving from explaining to expriencing are two things which interests me these days apart from my book on agile project management. One key metrics which helps me here is a kind of value stream analysis of the training program, to be precise, effort vs effect. How true it is when people say ‘creative work happens outside office’. Iam still in the taxi, on my way to yet another agile training program.

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