The sad state of prometric test centre at niit, jayanagar, bangalore



I thought iam entering a godown. The rest rooms are pathetic and there is not even provision for a cup of coffee, which is inevitable when one takes long exams. Things must improve


6 thoughts on “The sad state of prometric test centre at niit, jayanagar, bangalore

  1. Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to share a horrible experience I had at a Prometric Test Centre located at 4900 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 208, Scarborough, Ontario Canada. The following is their contact information:

    Canadian College of Business Science andTechnology
    Toronto, Ontario M1S 4A7
    Phone: 416 850 6028 Site Code: on222

    The following is a list of issues I experienced there:

    1. The exam room itself was small and besides having only 4 computers for the tests, it had a lot of computer junk (old PC’s, boxes, etc) stashed away in a corner collecting dust and making for an unsafe environment.

    2. They didn’t have enough lighting in the room.

    3. The blinds on the windows were such that the test centre staff couldn’t close them since the stick (that would do such things and that’s attached to the blinds) was up too high

    4. While I was actually writing the exam there and the clock was ticking, the test centre staff came in and interrupted me for petty and unnecessary things such as the following. It almost looked like they did that on purpose, maybe trying to discriminate against me and to make me fail the exam by trying to waste my time and trying to engage me in a conversation:

    a. It’s snowing out there.
    b. How am I doing so far?
    c. Am I almost done with the exam?
    d. Come see me in so and so room when you’re done with the exam.

    Regarding the interruptions, I talked to them during and after the exam and they told me that before I started writing the exam, I should have told them that I wouldn’t like to be interrupted/disturbed.

    From that response, it seemed to me that perhaps they might not have ever written or passed any exams in their entire life !! The whole concept of an exam is that the examinee (the person writing the exam) needs to pay full uninterrupted attention to the exam without any disturbances. This is an obvious. Asking the examinee to tell the exam centre not to disturb him during the exam is ridiculous.

    I also filed a complaint about this on website and received an email from Prometric saying that I should call their toll free number to complain. So far, I haven’t been able to find the time to do that considering the hold/wait time on such phone calls. And they might dismiss this whole thing as hear say since I don’t actually have real hard recorded evidence or any signed incident report about this.

  2. David,

    That’s a long comment, which points to the amount of dissatisfaction you had at the pro metric test centre. When I made this post, I thought it as a local issue, a d now it is becoming a global one. Hopefully, someone from pro metric will do something about it.

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