Meet Lucy, the great…..

Lucy is one of the bravest woman on planet earth. She is a widow, and has two sons. One of them is mentally challenged, and it is Lucy, who takes care of him. Lucy earns her living by doing household work of the rich in the village. With her savings, she constructed a small single room house recently, and is running around for help to fix the main door, which will cost around USD50. She spends most of her savings to take care of her sons. She gets them good food. Every year she goes to vailamkanny which is a pilgrimage center (Mother Mary appeared here), with her sons. When I see her fighting all odds and still enjoying life, she is a kind of an inspiration…..for people like me, who has already started worrying about a recession that is going to happen in 2012:-). Once in a while I ask Lucy about the impact of recession on her life….and the reply is a smile…:-)

One Reply to “Meet Lucy, the great…..”

  1. Agree, Infact, there are lots of ppl in the world like this. My MIL takes care of her first daughter in the same case aged 38 now. We have a trust to help mentally challenged people in Chennai. Its a fight each moment


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