Let me be very honest about apple products..

What would have been the impact on me if Steve Jobs was not born at all?.

I would have saved atleast usd 1000 which i spent on apple products, which i did not use much due to the difficulty in transferring contents to it through itunes. This is my story.

2 thoughts on “Let me be very honest about apple products..

  1. I agree and disagree on what you measure SJ with. The product, its just a business, it goes and any one can replace it for sure. (Agree on apple products), you are just a end user who has all the will to buy, discard or use it and even comment on it. (Disagree) on what Steve Jobs was. He is a inventor of true age. Who was able to start something out of his mind and win the game, A single product that changed world may be a rare case, In his case, everything he invented, seeded or gave birth to was his innovation, his mind, having been in a category like this, where i have innovated codes, works and have certificates for the same, still cant reach or zero in a single product to hope too. I believe we have to respect him as a person. Not as a competitor, If you have read what CEO’f of Microsoft, HP, Dell, IBM and thousands of other people told about Jobs, isnt wrong.


  2. I respect Steve Jobs as an engineer, entrepreneur, and marketing expert, and at the same time I can never compare him with Edison (like Obama did) whose invention touched upon every human being, where as an ipod, ipad and iphone is far above the reach of billions of people. Many may not even know what they are, if asked. Who is the inventor of mobile phones?. At least I do not know, and I am sure that there could me many (if not majority) like me, who do not know this. Who deserves more credit?. The inventor of mobile phones or the inventor of one brand of mobile phones?. I have lots of respect for SJ, and at the same time I do not want to reduce it to the level of blind hero worship. CEOs of Microsoft, HP, Dell and thousands of other people might have told very pleasant things about apple and SJ, while giving press interviews and I would prefer to tread the true SJ path of having my own views, and not living somebody’s life. I am grateful to SJ for that wonderful value.I will remember him for that.


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