A common destination we share….

Every day we are moving closer to that inevitable day, of saying bye to this world, leaving behind everything we thought as ours. In one of the Hindu literature I read ” Everything came to you from some one, and everything will go to someone else”.  How true it is. The untimely death of Steve Jobs make me meditate on this. Steve Jobs as a teen visited India to seek Nirvana, and was quite dissatisfied with his experience then, which prompted him to think that technology will help him to serve humanity in a better way, and thus achieve nirvana through karma (from a post in Times Of India). Steve did not live a mediocre life. He contributed to the human society in a very large way through technology innovations. Will we be able to claim something similar, when we reach a similar state. Even in death, he stands taller, than the rest. All of us may not be able to contribute technically, and at the same time everyone has the capacity to contribute to the society in some form. What did I contribute to mankind so far?. That question baffles me, and make restless, because I do not have many claims yet…..What about You?….

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