Making a stranger happy….Here continues my experiments with the art of appreciation….this time a young smart gentleman @ Muscat, who is well dressed…


Using burn down chart for managing a training program


Iam really happy and the participants are also very happy about it. Our experiment with the information radiator (kanban) and the burndown to manage our three day pmdistilled project management workshop leading to pmp certification resulted in some tangible benefits.

The pressure to complete the syllabus was evened out. We had a smooth take off, flight and landing. This resulted in a relaxed classroom atmosphere which was conducive for learning. There was absolute transparency on the scope to be delivered vs being delivered vs delivered. Every day we completed the program on time without cutting any scope. The most important aspect is the fact that it helped us to deliver more value to our customers and hope to get the returns by way of referrals. Overall a great experience.