Art of appreciation

Have you ever wondered about the secrets to get the best service. If there is is appreciation. The ability to appreciate people for what they are and what they do..will work miracles. Last month i was greeted by a four hour delay of the jet airways flight after checking in. Most of the passengers got upset and some of them even started yelling at the airline staff despite their explanation of a break related issue. I call it as kidS behavior. It is the kids who throws tantrums when the reality is against them. So i decided to choose the adult behavior. What is it that i can do best in this scemario. I decided to play angrybirds. Soon i was joined by a small cute kid..who was otherwise getting impatient and pestering her mother. That was the best i could do in that scenario. After a while, the flight was ready for departure and i genuinly appreciated the airline staff on duty for handling the situation well. May be i am the only one who did it. They reciprocated by upgrading me to business class. The power of genuine appreciation. It has a business case….keep appreciating people for what they are and for what they do best. Make sincere appreciation based on gratitude a habit..and make this world slightly better. Have a wonderful day.

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