PMRI announces PMdistilled PMP Preparatory program at Kochi, India on Sep 30,31 and Oct 1st

Project management research institute (PMRI), has announced their PMP Preparatory program at Kochi on Sep 30,31 and 1st (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). For more details visit


Dear Steve Jobs ….

Just now I saw a latest photo of your’s in my facebook account. In fact, I regretted seeing it. I will always remember you as the dynamic go-getter who is a role model for the budding managers of this era. What baffled me is 646 people liked the post on facebook. I just disliked this bad news. Did humanity loose the sense on what to like and what not to like. By any standards, you have contributed tremendously to mankind. Just the impact of ipad alone on ordinary human lives will provide a place for you in everyone’s heart…from the 3 year old to the CEO.  You are in my prayers.

Interpreting the Agile manifesto

This has to be done very carefully. Recently a friend of mine went to a company for test automation consulting, and was shocked to see that no requirements documentation was available for him to develop the test scenarios. They were all blaming their agile coach for this, and unfortunately their agile coach was me. It was a great learning moment for me. That is when PMI’s communication rule “It is the responsibility of the sender of information to ensure that the recipient got the message and understood the intended meaning of it” really made an impact on me. Agile manifesto, if not understood properly can be unproductive.

Here is the agile mainifesto;

We are uncovering better ways of developing
software by doing it and helping others do it.
Through this work we have come to value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on
the right, we value the items on the left more.


We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Having a good camera will not make you take good photographs. Some of the great photographs are taken using mobile phones. Having a great project management tool, will not make the projects better. Sometimes it can hinder the progress. Any tool, which do not promote face to face interaction, promote wrong reporting and inefficiency. That is one of the reasons why agile project management promote face to face interactions among individuals than processes and tools. Unfortunately, the agile tools segment is booming, and do not fall prey to that. The best tools still are the white board and the post-it’s. This creates, lot of positive peer pressure on the team, resulting in better productivity. Tool usage take away this positive pressure.


We believe in working software over comprehensive documentation ; This says, demonstrable piece of software is the only measure of progress, nothing else. Either something is done, or it is not done. There is no room for partially done.

We believe in customer collaboration over contract negotiation; Does it mean that we do not need any type of contractual agreements to work effectively with the customer?. The answer is yes. Contracts has value, only when the relationships sour. At the same time, we are not talking about serving the customer without profits. We are talking about win-wins here.

We believe in responding to change than following a plan – again this is stemming from the ‘teaming with the customer’ spirit. A valid change request must get precedence over contractual constraints.

That is while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Here the question is about a 400 page requirements documentation which nobody uses Vs a 25 page architectural document which everyone is dependent on.


Hope I could convey the spirit behind the agile manifesto 


When anna lost weight….

When anna lost weight, everyone around him seems to have gained weight. I mean popularity…..To be honest, when annaji started his first fast only i came to know about terms like civil society and lokpal bill. Stupid me. Am i the only one like this????.

Thanks to anna. He made me more aware of these things. He could plant a lot of optimism and patriotism in me. I am starting to believe in the possibility of a corruption free india. Iam experiencing the power of gandhian ways, which i have only read in books. I have started to dream of a corruption free india..and at the same time slightly taken aback by the fact that it took a man elder to me by 25 years to do it….. Where is the youth of india?????

India celebrates

I am really lucky to witness this moment. An ordinary old man, whose name is never heard before, suddenly emerges from somewhere, and fights corruption based on what Gandhiji taught us, non violence. It make me believe that I am not that helpless and hopeless. He has planted hope in me,and across India. Now we can at least dream of a corruption free India. No one will say that it is an utopian idea which will never happen. We at least started seeing it as a practical option. Slowly but surely a business case is built for the honest. We have started seeing honesty as a better option than corruption. That is the win for Anna. That is the win for every Indian. In his speech he urged every Indian to become an Anna through shudhachaar and shudhachaar chintha. I love him.

Successful completion of the pmdistilled program at kochi, india

Project management research institute completed their pmdistilled pmp pteparatory program at kochi, kerala today. The participents were extremely happy at the end of the program. Pmri have announced two more programs at kochi during the months of sep.and.oct. For complete schedules and registrations, please visit Forbregistrations please contact 9895372115 or post a comment here.

Moving away from the desk top

Yes…my desk top usage has come down drastically. Blogging happens through the hand held devices. That is the same case with social networking as well. For corporate presentations iam using my ipad now and it helps me to travel light. I have never checked my emails on a pc for a while now. So slowly but surely the desk top era is giving way for the tablet era.