PMP exam pattern update, and the corresponding updates to PMdistilled PMP preparatory program

PMP Exam pattern update

PMI has announced exam pattern change starting from August 2011. We @PMRI have updated the Pmdistilled PMP preparatory program course content to reflect these changes. I am really delighted with these changes by PMI, because these changes are the need of the hour. By spreading the questions from ‘Professional ethics and social responsibility’ to all knowledge areas, instead of maintaining it as a seperate block, PMI has done the right thing. This change is most welcome, becuase these days adhering to the professional ethics and social responsibility norms are most important for every decisions we make as project managers, irrespective of the phase we are in. There are enough cases of project failures around us, due to the non-adherance to this. While the change may seem to be simple, the impact of it on the profession as well as the method of preparation for the PMP exam will call for a totally different approach, as it will have an impact on every decision one make within the gamut of professional project management.

A comparison of the proportion of questions, process group wise.

Process group

Old pattern

New pattern

Initiating the project



Planning the project



Executing the project



Monitoring and controlling the project



Closing the project



Professional ethics and social responsibility


Not applicable, as it is spread across all process groups.




We have upgraded our course delivery to reflect this change, becuase backward compatibility is not an issue, where as forward compatibility is not a given. So those who attend our programs from the 20th May 2011 onwards will not have problems, even if they are writing the PMP exam after August 2011, based on the updated pattern.

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