Here is an animation I made, to explain project initiation.

In this video, the sponsor appoints a project manager, and provides her with the contract copy and the statement of work. The project manager developed the project charter, and gave to the sponsor for approval. The sponsor approved it. One more team member was added to the team. The project manager and the team member started work on the detailed project plan.

PMdistilled new course structure

We have updated the PMdistilled course ware to reflect the change in exam pattern by PMI. Our course starts with the professional responsibility of the project manager as it has a bearing on all the subsequent topics. This is followed by the general project managemnt concepts and then the general project management tools and techniques. After this we get into the nuts and bolts of  the knowledge areas followed by the exam practice module.

PMP exam pattern update, and the corresponding updates to PMdistilled PMP preparatory program

PMP Exam pattern update

PMI has announced exam pattern change starting from August 2011. We @PMRI have updated the Pmdistilled PMP preparatory program course content to reflect these changes. I am really delighted with these changes by PMI, because these changes are the need of the hour. By spreading the questions from ‘Professional ethics and social responsibility’ to all knowledge areas, instead of maintaining it as a seperate block, PMI has done the right thing. This change is most welcome, becuase these days adhering to the professional ethics and social responsibility norms are most important for every decisions we make as project managers, irrespective of the phase we are in. There are enough cases of project failures around us, due to the non-adherance to this. While the change may seem to be simple, the impact of it on the profession as well as the method of preparation for the PMP exam will call for a totally different approach, as it will have an impact on every decision one make within the gamut of professional project management.

A comparison of the proportion of questions, process group wise.

Process group

Old pattern

New pattern

Initiating the project



Planning the project



Executing the project



Monitoring and controlling the project



Closing the project



Professional ethics and social responsibility


Not applicable, as it is spread across all process groups.




We have upgraded our course delivery to reflect this change, becuase backward compatibility is not an issue, where as forward compatibility is not a given. So those who attend our programs from the 20th May 2011 onwards will not have problems, even if they are writing the PMP exam after August 2011, based on the updated pattern.

An attempt to develop a global project management learning framework, by building extensions to Pmdistilled to cover all leading project management models.

At last, I completed the design of the PMdistilled PMP preparatory program  – Online version. The PMdistilled classroom training is doing well, and at the same time we are unable to reach out globally, without an online delivery mechanism. Lot of thinking have gone into the all new PMdistilled Online program. It is highly modular, so easy to upgrade with version changes. When fully extended, it will help the learner to master other prominent project management models very easily. The current configuration covers only PMBOK. After the launch I will be working on Agile extension of PMdistilled followed by PRINCE2 extension. Its going to be lot of work, and at the same time, it is meaningful work.

Irrespective of the model, all model rests on the pillars of Plan-do-check-act  or plan-do-study-act cycles. The jargons are different but the core remains the same. Either one can learn all models to arrive at this universal truth, or one can start from this fact and try to understand the models. I am taking the second route. A module for explaining the basic project management quickly, and then allow the learner to choose the extensions he/she wants. Now I am working on the PMBOK extension and plan to extend it to PMBOK and Agile soon.

Are there anyone out there (preferably from outside India, so that we can bring in global perspectives into it) interested in this project?. Please email me at

The course structure of the PMdistilled online can be downloaded from;