Can I be really happy till I fulfill this basic responsibility of mine?

I am not sure about the quality of this photograph, but surely this speaks volumes about the quality of city life. This is a scene I see every day night and early morning from my 7nth floor apartment, which reminds me of the  not so fortunate city dwellers, who lives in the by-lanes of the cities.., who do not have decent amenities to lead their day to day life. The real city life goes beyond the glitter of cat walks, happy hours, the porche-audi-bmw-benz show rooms, the five star apartment projects, the new apple phone etc… These days I feel guilty when extravagant, and at the same time the materialism of the urban society lures me into it like a magnet.  Here the basic question is, what did I do to help the not so fortunate….to improve their quality of life?. Till I fulfill that basic responsibility of mine, Can I be really happy?…



2 thoughts on “Can I be really happy till I fulfill this basic responsibility of mine?

  1. Abrachan,

    The basic assumption you are making is that the quality of life is directly proportional to the luxuries a person can afford. You watch the so called less fortunate city dwellers a little more closely, ie if possible, get into their lives a bit more, you will soon realize that, many of them are much more content and happy with what they have and their life as is, than the guys in five star projects and the ones running after the iphones and the happy hours. It doesn’t really matter what and how things appear on the outside to us, things are not so bad for the person inside. What I’m really coming at is, there is no need to feel guilty about anything. If you want to do some thing for the poor and needy, thats also many times not for them, ultimately its for you. Charity without no one knowing or hearing or appreciating your deeds brings back the best returns in the industry. You buy a meal for a poor starving boy on the street and see what that brings back to you, make sure you don’t waste your effort by talking about it or feeling proud that you did something extraordinary.

    I’m a big, actually very big fan of yours. I always wanted a mentor like you, still searching for that mentor.

    Good luck buddy !



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