You have two ears and one mouth. This is an indication that you should do at least twice as much listening as speaking. Maybe this is true, maybe not. What I do know is that if we want to be disciples of Jesus then we had better get used to listening and to listening well. One of the hardest challenges we face in today’s world is finding the time, space and silence to listen to the Word of God in our lives. The world is super busy; it is noisy with all sorts of different ideas, suggestions and doctrines; it is becoming more and more connected, leaving less and less space for the individual. Somehow, as Christians, we need to overcome these difficulties and listen to God’s Word in the midst of the noise and busyness.

The world is an expert at distraction and sin is as much, if not more, an expert, at amplifying the distractions of the world such that they become almost irresistible. If this happens in your life, you will find it next to impossible to both see and hear what God is saying to you. As soon as we give in to the agenda of the world for us, it becomes impossible to escape its clutches. The Holy Spirit wants to help us to create a place of silence within our beings where we can always be in touch with God and His Word. This is essential for our spiritual health as without the constant diet of God’s Word, our spirit will dry up and eventually die. It is the silence in our lives that gives God the opportunity to speak to us more clearly than if He constantly has to overcome all the other voices we are listening to at the time.

Socrates tells us that we have to learn to reflect (a process that needs silence) or our lives will lose their meaning. It is only God who can give meaning to our lives that will endure and sustain us. Let us seek to listen to what He has to say to us today, tomorrow, the next day.  – Fr. Steve T

Reflection Question:

How much time each day do I spend in silence, waiting on God to speak to me?

Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart to the Word of God by teaching me how to cultivate a place of silence at all times in my being.


Courtesy  :  Biju and Sheeba




  1. I feel every day have a new challenges to face it .we know that where we go with out solving all this type problem .so what we see .that we get .some time we do something but our brain says something ………. an d

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