Among the clouds, in the blue sky….

After getting used to my SLR, I make it a point to carry it with me, whenever I travel, for we do not know when we will get a nice opportunity to shoot a good picture. One honest comment by one of my blog followers about the lack of life in photographs have had a very positive impact on me. Thanks a lot dear friend. Now I am more conscious about quality than quantity, and I feel that is the right progression as well. Quantity gives the experience, leading to quality. This photograph was taken during my flight from Kochi to Mumbai, enroute to Pune for conducting the QSP (Qualified Scrum Professional). Immediately after lunch, this would have been a quite boring flight without the camera. I had enough time to move from the auto mode to experiment with other modes.

Gadget camaraderie is a thing which is happening to me for the second time during a flight. If it was among apple gadget users during the first time, this time it was among nikon camera users. I the photographer clicking the sky outside caught the attention of the tourist seated in the next row , and to my surprise he was using the same camera as mine, which led into a very interesting conversation among two satisfies nikon users. He made it a point to give me some hints about file formats and editing tools. That was really nice of this friend.

While posting this, in the TV, heavy debate is going on in justifying the culprits and criticizing wikileaks. A hobby like this, allows me to insulate myself from the awkward situations like these, and focus on the beauty of Lord creation. Start a serious hobby. It will help.

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