Shoe without a sole..

During my recent trip from Kochi to Qatar, at the Kochi airport I saw a well groomed middle aged man in complete formal wear including a tie and coat. It was early morning, and the weather was warm, so this type of dressing caught my attention. He was with his wife, his daughter (from the similarity in features), and with his grand child. First I spotted him at the check in counter, then after an hour or so, the entire family came and sat right in front of me at the boarding area. This time he was limping a bit.  Before sitting down, he put something down, which made a noise on impact with the floor, and that was the sole of his shoe. One shoe had the sole, and the other one’s sole broke away from the shoe, and he was carrying it in his hands, hoping to get it repaired after reaching his destination. Of course, it is a funny sight for the spectator, and at the same time a broken sole can take away all the fun away from that journey of his with his kith and kin, which would have been a journey to cherish otherwise.  This prompted me to think about life, especially broken souls.

In my case, I am on a very positive trip, when I am spiritually, physically fit. If any of these things break, then I start limping.  Spirituality acts like a garbage blocker and garbage collector. It helps me to maintain a clean attitude to self and to others. Without it, I cannot survive. I must also be physically (including the materialistic things necessary) fit to progress in life. If any of these two dimensions are affected, then I start limping like the man who lost one of his shoe soles.

Have a wonderful day.



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