Everything is average, because better is happening already. Even ipad-2 is average.

Some of the photos I took, and felt good about..and cherished for a while becomes very average to myself when I click something better. Sometimes I regret cherishing something sub-standard. Can we generalize it?. This is applicable to organizations as well, otherwise they Apple would not have come out with ipad2. Even when I adore ipad2, internally I know that adoration is just temporary..till ipad3 comes out. The ipad2 launch video sounds to me like a repetition  of the ipad-1 launch video where phrases like ‘beutiful design’, ‘compact’, ‘long battery life’, ‘we designed the product from ground zero’ echoes in both versions. As a user and admirer of apple products, I already started longing for features like;  bluetooth based internet chat facility, streaming of my slides to the projector without physical cable connection – otherwise like a chained dog, my movement is confined within one meter ..or a maximum of 2 meters around the projector, which is the maximum length of the chord connecting the ipad to the projector. When will you give me a built in microphone as well. I am not talking about breakthrough features, but features a common user looks for today. ipad2 is the best tablet available today, there is no doubt about it. ( I still adore my ipad1. when apple boasted about the lighter ipad2, i threw away the cover of ipad1, and it feels lighter in my hands as well as on my pocket:-). I wish if apple could come back with some sort of buy back agreements of their older versions!:-).

This is applicable to everything. An author’s book is considered as his masterpiece only till he does something better, which is bound to happen within a time frame. A photograph is the best of a photographer, only till he takes one better. Your son or daughter will be known as your son/daughter for a while you may be known as the father of  them. .. It’s a matter of time only. So do not limit yourself with anything, because you can be better, and can do better things. So everything is average, and it’s shelf life is only till a better one happens. So there is room for improvement in everything. A ‘better’ is always possible in every sphere. Go for it!.



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