You have two ears and one mouth. This is an indication that you should do at least twice as much listening as speaking. Maybe this is true, maybe not. What I do know is that if we want to be disciples of Jesus then we had better get used to listening and to listening well. One of the hardest challenges we face in today’s world is finding the time, space and silence to listen to the Word of God in our lives. The world is super busy; it is noisy with all sorts of different ideas, suggestions and doctrines; it is becoming more and more connected, leaving less and less space for the individual. Somehow, as Christians, we need to overcome these difficulties and listen to God’s Word in the midst of the noise and busyness.

The world is an expert at distraction and sin is as much, if not more, an expert, at amplifying the distractions of the world such that they become almost irresistible. If this happens in your life, you will find it next to impossible to both see and hear what God is saying to you. As soon as we give in to the agenda of the world for us, it becomes impossible to escape its clutches. The Holy Spirit wants to help us to create a place of silence within our beings where we can always be in touch with God and His Word. This is essential for our spiritual health as without the constant diet of God’s Word, our spirit will dry up and eventually die. It is the silence in our lives that gives God the opportunity to speak to us more clearly than if He constantly has to overcome all the other voices we are listening to at the time.

Socrates tells us that we have to learn to reflect (a process that needs silence) or our lives will lose their meaning. It is only God who can give meaning to our lives that will endure and sustain us. Let us seek to listen to what He has to say to us today, tomorrow, the next day.  – Fr. Steve T

Reflection Question:

How much time each day do I spend in silence, waiting on God to speak to me?

Holy Spirit, help me to open my heart to the Word of God by teaching me how to cultivate a place of silence at all times in my being.


Courtesy  :  Biju and Sheeba



Delighted!. The first batch of the QSPs (Qualified scrum professionals) are out

After the one day QSP workshop, and self study, our workshop participants have started scoring very good scores in the open assessment at Scrum.org, conducted by Ken Schwaber and team, who is considered as one of the founders and pioneers in Scrum. All of us at PMRI are highly delighted with this overwhelming success. Well done!. Now transform the work place.

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Thanks to Biju and Sheeba for sharing this with me…

Once upon a time there was a painter who had just completed his course. He took 3 days and painted a beautiful scenery. He wanted people’s opinion about his caliber and painting skills. He put his creation at a busy street-crossing. And just down below a board which read -“I have painted this piece. Since I’m new to this profession I might have committe some mistakes in my strokes etc. Please put a cross wherever you see a mistake.” While he came back in the evening to collect his painting he was completely shattered to see that whole canvass was filled with Xs(crosses) and some people had even written their comments on the painting. Disheartened and broken completely he ran to his master’s place and burst into tears. This young artist was breathing heavily and master heard him saying “I’m useless and if this is what I have learnt to paint I’m not worth becoming a painter. People have rejected me completely. I feel like dying” Master smiled and suggested “My Son, I will prove that you are a great artist and have learnt flawless painting. Do as I say without questioning it. It WILL work.” Young artist reluctantly agreed and two days later early morning he presented a replica of his earlier painting to his master. Master took that gracefully and smiled. “Come with me.” master said. They reached the same street-square early morning and displayed the same painting exactly at the same place. Now master took out anotherboard which read -“Gentlemen, I have painted this piece. Since I’m new to this profession I might have committed some mistakes in my strokesetc. I have put a box with colors and brushes just below. Please do a favor. If you see a mistake, kindly pick up the brush and correct it.” Master and disciple walked back home.They both visited the place same evening. Young painter was surprised to see that actually there was not a single correction done so far. Next day again they visited and found painting remained untouched. They say the painting was kept there for a month for no correction came in!

Moral of the story: It is easier to criticize, but DIFFICULT TO IMPROVE!

“So then each of us will give an account of himself to God. Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother” – 1 Corinthians 4:5 God be with you & have a blessed week ahead!

Delsey…my travel companion!

You are with me always…

In planes and trains,

Cars and Buses……

You protect my precious treasures…..

In rain and sun…

You suffer silently when others toss you around …

Still you take care of all my treasures….

My heart beats faster when you are late….

My eyes always searches for you in crowded conveyor belts….

And, when you emerge from a distance….my heart pounds even faster….

When others touch you….I get angry….

You are also aging with me….

The wrinkles on you speaks about it…

And, people tempt me to go for a better, younger one….

And, I do not listen them….

Our long journeys together have bonded us well….

I still remember the day when I lost you while traveling, and our reunion after that….

Thank you very much for being with me throughout my journeys….

In good times and Bad times…….

And sorry for those occasions when I did not take care of you well….

Still you continued to serve me unconditionally….

Me and you alone in this hotel room makes me romantic……creating these lines for you….

I LOVE you…

Like a youngster in Love…..I want to tell the whole world about us.

Among the clouds, in the blue sky….

After getting used to my SLR, I make it a point to carry it with me, whenever I travel, for we do not know when we will get a nice opportunity to shoot a good picture. One honest comment by one of my blog followers about the lack of life in photographs have had a very positive impact on me. Thanks a lot dear friend. Now I am more conscious about quality than quantity, and I feel that is the right progression as well. Quantity gives the experience, leading to quality. This photograph was taken during my flight from Kochi to Mumbai, enroute to Pune for conducting the QSP (Qualified Scrum Professional). Immediately after lunch, this would have been a quite boring flight without the camera. I had enough time to move from the auto mode to experiment with other modes.

Gadget camaraderie is a thing which is happening to me for the second time during a flight. If it was among apple gadget users during the first time, this time it was among nikon camera users. I the photographer clicking the sky outside caught the attention of the tourist seated in the next row , and to my surprise he was using the same camera as mine, which led into a very interesting conversation among two satisfies nikon users. He made it a point to give me some hints about file formats and editing tools. That was really nice of this friend.

While posting this, in the TV, heavy debate is going on in justifying the culprits and criticizing wikileaks. A hobby like this, allows me to insulate myself from the awkward situations like these, and focus on the beauty of Lord creation. Start a serious hobby. It will help.

Shoe without a sole..

During my recent trip from Kochi to Qatar, at the Kochi airport I saw a well groomed middle aged man in complete formal wear including a tie and coat. It was early morning, and the weather was warm, so this type of dressing caught my attention. He was with his wife, his daughter (from the similarity in features), and with his grand child. First I spotted him at the check in counter, then after an hour or so, the entire family came and sat right in front of me at the boarding area. This time he was limping a bit.  Before sitting down, he put something down, which made a noise on impact with the floor, and that was the sole of his shoe. One shoe had the sole, and the other one’s sole broke away from the shoe, and he was carrying it in his hands, hoping to get it repaired after reaching his destination. Of course, it is a funny sight for the spectator, and at the same time a broken sole can take away all the fun away from that journey of his with his kith and kin, which would have been a journey to cherish otherwise.  This prompted me to think about life, especially broken souls.

In my case, I am on a very positive trip, when I am spiritually, physically fit. If any of these things break, then I start limping.  Spirituality acts like a garbage blocker and garbage collector. It helps me to maintain a clean attitude to self and to others. Without it, I cannot survive. I must also be physically (including the materialistic things necessary) fit to progress in life. If any of these two dimensions are affected, then I start limping like the man who lost one of his shoe soles.

Have a wonderful day.



Everything is average, because better is happening already. Even ipad-2 is average.

Some of the photos I took, and felt good about..and cherished for a while becomes very average to myself when I click something better. Sometimes I regret cherishing something sub-standard. Can we generalize it?. This is applicable to organizations as well, otherwise they Apple would not have come out with ipad2. Even when I adore ipad2, internally I know that adoration is just temporary..till ipad3 comes out. The ipad2 launch video sounds to me like a repetition  of the ipad-1 launch video where phrases like ‘beutiful design’, ‘compact’, ‘long battery life’, ‘we designed the product from ground zero’ echoes in both versions. As a user and admirer of apple products, I already started longing for features like;  bluetooth based internet chat facility, streaming of my slides to the projector without physical cable connection – otherwise like a chained dog, my movement is confined within one meter ..or a maximum of 2 meters around the projector, which is the maximum length of the chord connecting the ipad to the projector. When will you give me a built in microphone as well. I am not talking about breakthrough features, but features a common user looks for today. ipad2 is the best tablet available today, there is no doubt about it. ( I still adore my ipad1. when apple boasted about the lighter ipad2, i threw away the cover of ipad1, and it feels lighter in my hands as well as on my pocket:-). I wish if apple could come back with some sort of buy back agreements of their older versions!:-).

This is applicable to everything. An author’s book is considered as his masterpiece only till he does something better, which is bound to happen within a time frame. A photograph is the best of a photographer, only till he takes one better. Your son or daughter will be known as your son/daughter for a while you may be known as the father of  them. .. It’s a matter of time only. So do not limit yourself with anything, because you can be better, and can do better things. So everything is average, and it’s shelf life is only till a better one happens. So there is room for improvement in everything. A ‘better’ is always possible in every sphere. Go for it!.


The naked life

The naked life by duncan banks is an amazing piece of work. Through this book he gives practical tips to living a fuller life filled with love, peace and joy, which any ordinary person can understand and adopt.

One day after completing my project management lectures, an energy zapped me was driven to walk the four kilometer distance from the guest house to the church store to find this small old book as if it is pleading me to adopt it. This one is definitely different. I liked Duncan’s style of communicating in a subtle and effective way. His other book is breakfast with god, which is the next in my agenda.

God bless you.

Should the project manager be technical?

I am sick of this discussion happening in many project management forums, and at the same time I am unable to ignore it because of the plethora of responses to these discussions. Thanks to the message from Dhanya asking for my views on this, which triggered my creative juices flowing again. From my experience, I must say that there is no single right answer to this because the level of technology knowledge required by the project manager depends on the organizational structure of the organization where one is working. In a startup, the project manager need to be highly technical where as in a mega corporation, one need not be very technical to function as a project manager,as there will be another engineering manager attached to the project, who will take care of the technology related aspects of the project. In these organizations, as a project manager you are supposed to be a specialist project manager who is a guru on planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing. Intel is a great example. There they have roles like project manager, people manager and technical manager. Quite interesting.


It all depends on the role definition of a project manager by the organization, and will change from organization to organization.

Having technical knowledge is never a burden, and lack of it need not be a handicap as well. Again determined by the role definition.

Spending more energy on this discussion is a waste of time 🙂