Simple ways to cope up with recession / inflation in India! – My first post from an Indian railway’s train compartment

Here are some simple ways to cope up with recession / inflation;

  • Take an air-conditioned  bus/train instead of flying. I am making this post from a train. Another great incentive for using the train is the availability of  plug points for connecting a computer (in the air conditioned compartment).  Kochi-Trivandrum sector would have cost me Rs.1500 by flight, where as the train cost was just 350 Rs.
  • Cover short distances by walk / cycle
  • Avoid using the car, if  really not required
  • Take the stairs, instead of the lift which will improve the physical fitness level, and at the same time help to reduce power consumption.
  • While traveling, carry water and food from home. This will help to save some money, and at the same time have quality food.
  • Carry your ipod/ipad with kindle, which will help to save by avoiding buying reading material.
  • Do not buy that new gadget. Delay the decision as much as you can.
  • Exercise well. An improvement in the health level will act as an incentive to focus on health more, which will help to avoid junk food, and late sleeping (saving on electricity).
  • Eliminate alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Diverse your income portfolio.
  • Collect all the payment receivables on war footing, and deploy them in revenue generation avenues.
  • Identify and implement business ideas, which will help others to reduce expense.
  • Experiment with organic farming at your backyard, which will reduce the dependency on costly vegetables, which are polluted by pesticides.
  • Get up early and sleep early (reducing electricity charges)
  • Hope for the best

All these put together will help to insulate from recession / inflation to some degree or to a great degree.

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