My iPad experiences…

Yes, as many say, it is a bigger ipod, and I liked most of it’s features, except for some key features which are absent in the current version. I have the 32GB, wifi only version. iPad is indeed a lifestyle changing device. In the first place, I started spending more time with family than spending in front of the computer, because this device helps me to operate from the sofa in the living room, while with them. Last week I conducted a three day workshop on project management using only the ipad, and without my computer. I just copied my ppt slides to keynote application on ipod, and it started working on iPad without any problems. This means, I will be able to knock off at least one kilogram from my travel kit while traveling for business. While giving a presentation, the only thing I missed was a remote slide sorter. This posed a big problem as I had to walk up to the gadget to change the slides. Hope someone will resolve this soon.  A word of caution!, like a computer we cannot project the ipad screen through a projector. Ability to project is built into the application, not at the device level. For example, the presentation using keynote, youtube, movies and photos can be projected using a projector but pdfs, book readers and other documents cannot be projected. While giving a long presentation, the only connector slot on ipad is connected to the projector through the vga cable, and during this time charging the ipad is not possible. Since the battery lasts for about 8 hours, this is not a big problem. I managed by charging the battery during breaks. This can be permanently resolved by going for a ipad docking station, which is not currently available in India, as ipad is not yet officially launched in India. I dont know when Steve Jobs will correct his opinion about India, and make it a point to launch apple products in India as well along with the US release. Now the samsung tablet has already captured the market in India, and ipad will be a late entrant.

I am trying out sketchpad application for iPad. I could sketch an image with my fingers, save it on the iPad, and then blog it through the wordpress application for iPad. Luckily the wordpress for iPad can save blog posts as local drafts. This is a great feature to blog from locations without wifi. Now i have a copy of my bible on my iPad, which comes in handy while traveling. Slowly but surely aim coming to terms with the digital key board. It is very heavy to hold in one hand and read a book while lying down. It does not have any proper place to hold by one hand. As usual battery life is not a problem. If you are buying an ipad, buy the carry case, otherwise you can end up with scratches on the touch screen. The resolution and the response of the team is fantastic, and thats one of the reasons why I did not go for a samsung tablet. In one charging it goes on for at least seven to eight hours. There is no dearth of applications for an iPad. Every day new applications are released for the iPad at the AppStore. Definitely this is not a replacement for a computer. It is a great gadget to deal with Internet and audio visual entertainment, and it is designed for that. I am happy with it, even though the price is on the higher side. When compared to my desktop, the key plus point of ipad, when it comes to surfing the net is it’s significantly lesser boot time, which helps me to switch it on and off at will. That itself makes the web experience a lighter affair :-). Still exploring. Will get back with more, if found interesting 🙂

2 Replies to “My iPad experiences…”

  1. For me iPad changed the way i browse internet and read email. With my 3g iPad im connected wherever i go bigger screen for browsing internet and the touch sense is something very special.

    The options un terms of apps availabe for it is a turn on for myself.
    As you said i thought that this will be a bigger iPhone/iPod becasue i have been an iphone user for the past 3 yrs.

    But i discovered other wise now its my book, my media player, my game station, my office but thankfully its not my wife :p


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