Decoding the omen

Have you ever lost your mobile phone once?. When you loose your mobile phone, what does it really mean?. Very often, rather than loosing the phone, it is the agony of loosing the contact details of so many friends, accumulated over the years is what hits us harder than the cost of the phone. The depth of the pain is directly proportional to the length of the contact list. The loss of an overly grown contact list is a natural intervention forcing us to create a fresh contact list, giving us an opportunity to eliminate irrelevant contacts. It reminds us of the fact that all contacts are not important, where as some are. Remember, these significant contacts will definitely take a place in your new contact list, where as the irrelevant contacts will cease to exist. This is an opportunity for a new beginning. This is the natures way of balancing your life. So be grateful to the mobile thief :-), and do not loose your new mobile, till the address book grows beyond the limits.


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