Benefits of enjoying a flight delay

I am at Bangalore airport, awaiting the connecting flight to Delhi, which is delayed by three hours. Going by the patterns, this is enough reason to annoy me. Today I decided not to loose my cool, a thought stemming from the wisdom acquired through my frequent travels over the years. What is that wisdom?. Simple, Ýou are not going to achieve anything by making people unhappy’. If you want to achieve your goals, make others happy first. Is that what Jesus also trying to teach us through the Bible. Do unto others, what you want others to do to you. Seek my kingdom, everything else will be given to you. In another place he says, love one another, that is the biggest commandment. So I decided to be cool, despite the adverse event of a delayed flight.

The good looking ground staff lady had a special knack of  giving bad news with a disarmingly pleasant smile. I just admired her for managing the situation well, and requested for some snacks, which was promptly arranged. When all others got sandwiches, I got my favorite dish. I just complimented the cleaning boy in charge of the restroom for maintaining it well, and the response was a surprised face, which told me that he is not used to such things. Then I took some photographs of the busy airport and I decided to just watch the people on the move. Hundreds of people are around me, in different shapes, sizes, colors, cultures. Some body’s son, daughter, husband, father, mother, wife, friend, boss, team member….all these bodies are somebody for someone else. They are all heading some where without seeing anything. Most of them are immersed in their own worlds. Believe me, they are  not seeing anything on the way, and when they reach their destination, they will be exhausted to the point where they will not be able to enjoy the destination as well. Out of ten, four are on their mobile phones, three are on their mobiles and lap top. Others are just heading forward fast……I am really enjoying this flight delay, just because I have decided to be happy. It is a fantastic feeling.  In between I got a call from my daughter saying she lost her mobile phone. Instead of  scolding her, I just said..may be it is time for a new beginning….



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