Is Julian Assange a role model?

These days, every day a new scam is revealed. I do not know whether it is a good sign or not. Even when it is bad news, sometimes I feel good because it is better than undetected scams. This could be the beginning of the end of corruption in India. Definitely, the culprits would not have done proud to Gandhi. After seeing and hearing all these, he would have died of agony. Another development is wikileaks. Julian Assange, a young gentlemen of just 39, had the guts to risk his life to reveal the dual faced America. Definitely, his life is at risk. I am sure that, the damage is already done. Even if he gets killed, more Assanges will emerge. From all these, will the Indian journalists learn some lessons. Instead of quantity, can we have quality investigative journalism, which can contribute to the wellbeing of the ordinary citizen. I think, it can happen only when our journalists start seeing journalism as a vocation, rather than just a profession. My sincere appreciation and best wishes to Assange. Let every Indian journalist get inspired by him. Only that can save our country from corruption which has gripped this country at every level. Congratulations and best wishes young gentlemen, for choosing to live an extraordinary life.


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