Wish you sleepless nights!

Have you ever thought about the effort behind writing a book and publishing it?. What about the effort that goes into the creation of a cinema?. How much effort goes into grooming a young boy/girl into a productive youth?. I am always amazed by the focus and dedication of those writers, directors, teachers, builders….. Reading a book is easy, ad the creation of that is not that easy. Do we call it as dedication?. Or is it sheer addiction to what one create?. If there is a difference between dedication and addiction, what is that?. Which one is better for creativity?. Dedication always reminds me of painful journey. When it comes to ‘dedication”, I say ‘No’to many other things I like, to concentrate on ‘something’ I want to achieve. When it is addiction ” I just indulge in something, and enjoy it”‘. Do creators get ”addicted” or ”dedicated”. I always wonder and admire someone like ”Salman Rushdie” for his persistent ”addictiveness” to writing great books, which sells across the globe. We see then only during the publishing ceremonies or award nights. What do they do beyond that is what triggers my curiosity. Addiction always indicates willful embracing of a skewed lifestyle, with pleasure, where as ‘dedication’ indicates a kind of ‘painful’ embracing of a skewed life style by forcibly saying ‘no’ to many other priorities to focus on certain goals. Both leads to imbalances in life style. Is that the reason why many writers have multiple broken marriages. Some of them are chronic bachelors.

When I ‘fix’a time to write, I am unable to. I have to write, when the writing happens. So a ‘time table’based creative writing is impossible for me. I remember the APJ Abdulkalam quote “” A dream is not something you see when you sleep, but a dream is something which will not let you sleep””. He is definitely one of the most creative persons, and he is a bachelor :-). Wish you sleepless nights!.

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