Sporting a mask, and mistaking it for real :-)

In project management terminology, they call it as stage gate or phase gate. When a project passes through different phases, they go through these gates, and the senior management decides whether to allow the project to progress into subsequent phases or not.

A gate always denote change. A movement from one to the other. Bible talks about the wide gate to hell, and the narrow gate to heaven. When one enter through the gate of a hospital, one enter the world of illness and pain. When one enter through the gates of a night club, it is a different world out there. When one enters through the gates of a religious place, the ambience inside is different. When one enters an office it is different. When one enters this world from the mothers womb, this world is different. When one gets out of the womb of this world, it must be different. That is the hope for us.

Gates exists every where. Movements from worse to better, better to best, best to worse. Change for the better or worse is inevitable. We change, our cells change, our thoughts change, our relationships change, others perception about us change, our perception about us change. Life is all about change. Are we taking the narrow gate to a positive world, or the wider gate and easier gate to nagatives is the question. Criticising someone is easy, where as doing something creative is not that easy. A movement from the problem side to the solution side is a must for a useful life, else it will culminate as a life of desperation – ‘desperate’ life, instead of a useful and rich life. Choice is ours.

When one enters through the gate, the stage changes. Once one remains in a stage, the state changes. When a sinner enters through the gate of spiritual life, he moves from the materialistic stage to the spiritual stage, and once he spends some time at the spritual stage, he reaches the spiritual state. This is not very profound thinking. This happens to a person who enters a pub as well. He enters the pub, through the main door, where the guard even greets and welcomes you. When you enter the pub from a hot bright afternoon sun, suddenly it is a dim lit, air conditioned, music blasting place. The stage has changed. Once you spend some time at this stage, then your state changes. This is applicable for any stage change. Child to teenager to married to parent to middle age to old to materialistic to spiritual to materialistic. Now there is a pattern. It is up to us to use it to our advantage or disadvantage. Some stages of life are mandatory stages, where as some others are discretionary. On the mandatory stages, one do not have any control, where as on the discretionary stages, one has control. We can decide which gtes to take, which gates not to take, when to get out of a stage and when to get into a stage. It is within our control.

A word of caution. One cannot skip mandatory stages. Without completing childhood one cannot get into adolescence and teenage. If one skip any of the mandatory stages, it becomes very awkward and results in failure, like a child pretending to be a teenager by drawing a mustache or by fixing an artificial mustache. I see this in business as well. Suddenly I have seen some of my business partners trying to elevate themselves professionally, by mere mis-positioning, when they have not completed some of the mandatory preliminary stages. They just act as if, they are professionally outgrown their current state, and try to delegate important things where they themselves lack mastery to their subordinates who lack the skills and knowledge to do the job. This is bound to end in failure, and looks as silly as the young boy acting as a young man, by sporting an artificial mustache :-). Before becoming an architect, one must code. Before becoming a specialist doctor one must complete house surgency and higher studies. Before flying a passenger aircraft one should have gained enough hours of flying experience, else a crash is inevitable. So please dont skip any mandatory stages, before completing them successfully. Every stage is a preparation for the next stage.

Have a nice day!
God bless you.

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