Unlearning QWERTY

This week, I am confined to the silence of my hotel room during the day time, because my work starts only at 4.p.m. I dont have the motivation to read the non-starter anti-corruption stories related to the organizing of the common wealth games (indeed the wealth is shared :-)), which are meant to be forgotten within a short span, hence I did not read the news paper, and did not watch the news channels, who are just struggling to gain attention, without any swetting and risk taking, which the investigative journalism calls for. 3 days back only, i deleted my facebook account, hence there is no company from the faceless friends from the facebook community (sorry real friends on facebook….actually we met outside facebook and used facebook to be in touch. By faceless, I meant those virtual friends I made at facebook, orkut and linked.in, by spending valuable hours, at the cost of spending a few hours with my ailing and lonely mother, who is no more now (just an example….there are many others who got deprived of many many things because of my internet addiction). So, today, I am at my creative best, because of this compulsive silence derived out of  shutting myself off to digital junk.

The result, I got the time to lay my hands again on  my forgotten music lessons, to realize that computer key board is not the only key board that exists, and there exists even more melodious key boards like the key board of an electronic music key board. So Iam unlerning qwerty to start walking in this new path. In the longer run, this cross pollination may help me to create music with QWERTY as well.

There are other creative pursuits in the offing as well. Taking a cue from the TED video, which states ‘Talking about your goals’ will reduce the probability of their achievement, I am not sharing them here. Lets talk about the ‘Done’, than the ‘Will be done’ 🙂


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