Tips from Jayashree Bavur PMP, for preparing for the PMP exam.

Dear Aby

Many thanks to you, Chinmaya, classtube and KnowledgeWorks.

Let me share my experience from preperation to exam.

When I had planned for my exam I was just 3 years 8 months experienced. I was very confused if I have to take PMP exam. Many people said it will be very tough, expensive and all. Many thanks to Chinmaya who clarified my doubts regarding PMP exam & course and encouraged.

3 days of training was excellent. It gives complete overview of Project Management. Classtube really helped me to understand the concepts and pattern of the questions for PMP exam. I have not used any of the mock tests available in the internet. I have just referred the PMBOK,material present in the CD provided during the course and classtube.

Lesson Learned:

1)Referring to variaous web sites in the internet will just increase the tension as this will just confuse people and decreases the confidence level.

2)If we keep on referring different sites for questions, there is no end for it. Just follow the course material and try to understand the concepts.

3)During the exam, managing 4 hours is very important.

4)Practise Mock tests in the classtube and course material.

5)Study with the intension to understand the concepts in Project Management. We should never concentrate on just passing the exam. Unless the concepts are clear, hardly one can pass the exam.Many of the questions will be asking what is the input or tool or output of the particular process. We can never by heart these. But if the concepts are clear, we can easily choose the correct answer in the exam.

Few suggestions:

1) There are already enough questions in ClassTube for mock test. But it will be a great help if the number of questions can be increased. We have enough material in the CD provided. But if we get those questions in ClassTube, it will increase the confidence level.

2) Explanation for the answers in ClassTube can be increased. Eg: Why exactly option A is correct why not B, C or D. This will help to face the exam.

Thanks and Regards

Jayashree Bavur

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