From 2 crores to pauper in 1 second !

One fine day, I realized that I lost the original documents of my ‘Father’s will and property’ and it was a dive from crore pathy to pauper in 1 second. If I say that it did not have any impact on me, then I am not telling you the truth. I was shocked for a while yet I had the solution. I knew that, this was also part of God’s plan for me. May be he wanted to liberate me from the idols of this materialistic world. Or is it that he wanted to liberate me from 2 crores worth of property to another better opportunity or avenue?. My first prayer was ‘If this is your will, let it be!’. That itself gave me lot of consolation. What was really worrying me at that point of time was my inability to do justice to my Father’s trust in me, to protect and multiply his hard earned wealth, which he transferred to me, trusting me completely. That was really upsetting me.

Thanks to the Christian upbringing I got from my parents. Despite all the transgressions, I believe in Jesus Christ, the Lord almighty, and that belief is fundamental to my existence, Otherwise I would have committed suicide several times, by now. The belief in Jesus, the almighty father gives me hope and courage to move forward.

So, I had the solution (may be the only solution for all situations). I just informed by student turned friend Sheeba and her Husband Biju to pray for me in their prayer meeting, and I went to a church a spent an hour in prayer. Even if the loss was heavy, I was not panicked. I knew that it is temporary. I believed that God is going to help me.

Next day….my mobile rang, my wife on the other side saying ‘I could track it back’!. Thanks to God for hearing our prayers.

Did I feel happy or sad?. I am unable to say. Yes, of course I was happy about getting the material wealth back, and at the same time, I was unhappy to loose the freedom of not owning anything materialistic, and allowing the Lord to guide me forward completely, as my father used to guide me, when I was a two year old boy. Now I understand how smart were Mother Theresa and Francis Assissi, to denounce all material wealth on planet earth, to enjoy the biggest freedom and happiness possible. Now I understand the meaning of the parable about the man who sold all his land, to procure the land with the hidden diamond. Now I understand the meaning of ‘How tough it is for the rich to enter the heaven!’ and ‘Your heart is where your treasures are….’…….

Dear Lord, guide this child (in spiritual life….I am an old man in materialistic life) further in your life and protect me from everything else that hampers my progress in your ways….Protect the whole world from every evil.

Happy Easter to you all.

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