Congratulations Vinod PMP!. The success of my students are the biggest motivator for me.

Hello Aby,

I had attended your PMP training program around Sept 2008 in Blore and gave the exam yesterday, 26 April 2010.. I am glad that I cleared the exam with a good score and now I am PMP certified.
As you had said during the session.. the longest path for PMP certification is from the PMP class to the exam centre.. it took me almost 1.5 yrs :):) Thanks for making the training session lively.. I was able to recollect your sessions during my study time even after such a long gap. :).. Thanks again Aby.



Congratulations Ani Harish PMP

Hi Abrachan,

I had attended your PM distilled workshop  in August 2009 at Cochin. I could take the exam only this month (12/04/2010) and am glad to inform you that I have passed the exam. Thank you for the training and inputs during the class. It was very helpful.

Please convey my best regards and thanks to Antony .

Best regards,

Ani Harish

Music to me!. Congratulations Pankaj PMP!

Hi Abrachan,

I would like to take a moment here and just let you know how honored I am to have gone through the PMP boot camp session for 10 days with your guidance.

I have been working as a PM since the past 6 years and been aspiring to be a PMP certified professional for the past 3 years, however even after having read the PMBOK thrice, I was not able to get the confidence to go for the exam. Your guidance in explaining the concepts, ways to target each question, and “NEVER SAY DIE” attitude has really given me the boost to go for the exam and clear it. I really appreciate the time you have spent on each critical concepts, and also making us go through practice exams, and using elimination methods for finding the right answer. Above all, I wanted to thank you for being there, and providing your extensive experience and support for us to be successful.

Pankaj Kanda

This is the way to prepare for PMP credential!

So far we were discussing about the general benefits of online training for PMP(r) preparation, and now after producing some success stories within 30 days of it’s launch, we can vouch for the effectiveness of our online PMP preparatory programs with conviction, and this conviction is bound to increase only with more success stories following.

Strengths of our PMP online training

1) Smaller sessions (1 hour/day) for a longer period of time (30 days), provide enough opportunity for the participants to revise, discuss and clarify the sessions covered, than going through PMBOK, continuously in a closed classroom environment.

2) More opportunity for discussions/debates among the participants on the concepts explained in the class, during the exam practice sessions, which are performed as a group exercise, contrary to individual exercise in the conventional classroom training. At the end of this group activity, the wrong answers are analyzed online, by the instructor and the participants. This reinforces the lessons learned in the class.

3) Even when we boast about 98% pass rate of our students in the PMP exams, like every other PMP training organization, we were not talking about the conversion rate of the whole batch….we were talking about the % of students who cleared the PMP exam, after attempting the exam. The number of students, who did not write the PMP exam after gaining the 35 contact hours is alarming. Our online PMP preparatory program has already started producing results, and I am confident of at least 75% conversion rates.


1) Since the number of days required to complete the program is 30 days, other personal as well as professional demands can come on the way. This is tackled by providing the facility to watch the recorded classroom session and exercises.

2) Time zone differences of the participants and the instructor need to be managed.

3) Availability of reasonably good internet services.


Should be able to reach out to more geographies


Do not foresee any, as of now.

SCRUM master opportunity @ Chennai

Functional Manager/ Scrum Master

– Define and drive Scrum/agile/TDD/refactoring execution into development

– 3 to 4 years development experience in .NET.

– 5-6 years experience managing software teams.

– 3+ years in a scrum master role

The resumes shd be accompanied with the following minimum details

1) Which Req yr profile match skillwise & exp wise

2)Total IT Exp

3) Relevant experience in years as per the JD as given above

4) Pls mention the exp in must- have skills

5)No of projects done

6)current CTC –

7) expected CTC

8) Reasons of change –

9) ready to relocate to Chennai

10) shortest joining time

.Pls suggest the interested to respond to me with theior profiles at the earliest

I am looking for the following resources too

Software Developer Silver Light- for chennai

– Work with products owners to understand user requirements and validate the user interface with software prototypes, as well as implement all business logic, data access, and database schema changes required to support those requirements

– Design guidelines in an Agile development environment

– Perform code reviews and Fixing bugs

– Minimum 1 year of practical experience in UI design and development of RIA applications using Silverlight 3.0, building user controls, ControlTemplate, data binding and styling

– Minimum of 1 year experience using Linq and .NET 3.5

– Minimum of 3 years hands-on Object-oriented and design patterns

– Minimum of 3 years hands-on experience in building scalable server-side components using C# and ASP.NET

– TDD practitioner and experience in mocking and MS unit testing framework

– Practical experience in developing WCF services

– Experience in writing data access components using ADO.NET Entity Framework and writing optimized T-SQL

– Have worked on a team using Scrum methodology for at least 1 year

Silverlight developers must have Minimum 1 year of experience in Silverlight 3.0 OR exceptional C#/.NET experience with proven records in learning new technologies quickly Design patterns (MVVM)

Software Developer WCF for chennai

– Minimum 2 years of hands-on experience in developing WCF services

– Minimum of 1 year working experience in writing data access components using ADO.NET Entity Framework and writing optimized T-SQL

– Minimum of 6 years hands-on experience in building scalable server-side components using C#

– Knowledge of database design principles

– Have worked on a team using Scrum methodology for at least 1 year

WCF developers must have Minimum 1 year of experience in WCF OR exceptional C#/.NET experience with proven records in learning new technologies quickly,Design patterns,Experience in code optimization and writing scalable software components ,SQL and ADO.NET Entity Framework is a huge plus,Being on scrum team and hands on in visual studio unit testing framework, TypeMock and Fitness is very good to have and needed for the job

Congratulations Qamar Tahir PMP

Hi Abey,

Just to let you know that I passed my PMP examination on 28th Mach 2010. If you remember, I had attended your workshop at bangalore aound 22nd nov 2009.[HINT: I am the kashmiri guy with spects].You had trained us for the 3rd edition PMBOK. I had to appear for PMP exam based on 4th edition. Anyway the basic concepts for 3rd and 4th PMPBOK guide are same. I had read PMPBOK 3rd edition as well as PMPBOK 4th edition. Plus I had gone through your book,your question papers. Although It took me long time to appear for the exam, but I got really focussed on the exam after 25th dec 2009. Thanks and Thanks for being my trainer.

Qamar Tahir.

Black & White

This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2008, written by an
African kid

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow
When you born, you pink
When you grow up, you white
When you go in sun, you red
When you cold, you blue
When you scared, you yellow
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you gray

And you calling me colored?

Thanks to Paulson Palocaren for sending this to me….

From 2 crores to pauper in 1 second !

One fine day, I realized that I lost the original documents of my ‘Father’s will and property’ and it was a dive from crore pathy to pauper in 1 second. If I say that it did not have any impact on me, then I am not telling you the truth. I was shocked for a while yet I had the solution. I knew that, this was also part of God’s plan for me. May be he wanted to liberate me from the idols of this materialistic world. Or is it that he wanted to liberate me from 2 crores worth of property to another better opportunity or avenue?. My first prayer was ‘If this is your will, let it be!’. That itself gave me lot of consolation. What was really worrying me at that point of time was my inability to do justice to my Father’s trust in me, to protect and multiply his hard earned wealth, which he transferred to me, trusting me completely. That was really upsetting me.

Thanks to the Christian upbringing I got from my parents. Despite all the transgressions, I believe in Jesus Christ, the Lord almighty, and that belief is fundamental to my existence, Otherwise I would have committed suicide several times, by now. The belief in Jesus, the almighty father gives me hope and courage to move forward.

So, I had the solution (may be the only solution for all situations). I just informed by student turned friend Sheeba and her Husband Biju to pray for me in their prayer meeting, and I went to a church a spent an hour in prayer. Even if the loss was heavy, I was not panicked. I knew that it is temporary. I believed that God is going to help me.

Next day….my mobile rang, my wife on the other side saying ‘I could track it back’!. Thanks to God for hearing our prayers.

Did I feel happy or sad?. I am unable to say. Yes, of course I was happy about getting the material wealth back, and at the same time, I was unhappy to loose the freedom of not owning anything materialistic, and allowing the Lord to guide me forward completely, as my father used to guide me, when I was a two year old boy. Now I understand how smart were Mother Theresa and Francis Assissi, to denounce all material wealth on planet earth, to enjoy the biggest freedom and happiness possible. Now I understand the meaning of the parable about the man who sold all his land, to procure the land with the hidden diamond. Now I understand the meaning of ‘How tough it is for the rich to enter the heaven!’ and ‘Your heart is where your treasures are….’…….

Dear Lord, guide this child (in spiritual life….I am an old man in materialistic life) further in your life and protect me from everything else that hampers my progress in your ways….Protect the whole world from every evil.

Happy Easter to you all.