Great book to read about francis assissi.

Life is worth living !

Life is worth living

Wherever you are,

Deep down in dungeon

Or high on a star.

Life is worth living;

It all has a plan

When God knows you’re giving the best that you can.

The saint and the sinner,

The great and the small,

We all are God’s children and He loves us all.

So pray when you are happy and pray when you are blue,

For life is worth living, when God lives with you!.

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Adapting to the urban way

I reached the Bangalore airport two hours ahead of my flight to kochi. As usual the go air counters are not yet open. While relaxing a bit, the chirping of sparrows inside the airconditioned space of the airport caught my attention. It is not just one or two stray sparrows got trapped inside, but a large number of them have nested within the airport. Close observation revealed that they are drinking water from the water coolers installed inside and are feeding on the pastries
left over at the cafe coffee day. Here is a new breed of sparrows quite used to the new urban space. Do they have any semblance to any specific groups at the it hubs, quite used to the very same stuff, these sparrows are at home with…..:-)

Pmdistilled at bangalore

Just completed the pmdistilled program at Bangalore, which was attended by a very interesting bunch of project professionals. Wish them all success!!!!!!

Pmdistilled onlinr

Have great pleasure to announce the launch of the pmdistilled online training, leading to 35 contact hours. The first online session of the first batch is scheduled on 22nd march 2010 at 10pm ist.