Great book to read about francis assissi.


Life is worth living !

Life is worth living

Wherever you are,

Deep down in dungeon

Or high on a star.

Life is worth living;

It all has a plan

When God knows you’re giving the best that you can.

The saint and the sinner,

The great and the small,

We all are God’s children and He loves us all.

So pray when you are happy and pray when you are blue,

For life is worth living, when God lives with you!.

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Adapting to the urban way

I reached the Bangalore airport two hours ahead of my flight to kochi. As usual the go air counters are not yet open. While relaxing a bit, the chirping of sparrows inside the airconditioned space of the airport caught my attention. It is not just one or two stray sparrows got trapped inside, but a large number of them have nested within the airport. Close observation revealed that they are drinking water from the water coolers installed inside and are feeding on the pastries
left over at the cafe coffee day. Here is a new breed of sparrows quite used to the new urban space. Do they have any semblance to any specific groups at the it hubs, quite used to the very same stuff, these sparrows are at home with…..:-)

Role of s tester in SCRUM, and the level of dicumentation..


Recently our company has decided to follow SCRUM methodology. I am working a Quality assurance analyst and I am new to SCRUM. I am unclear on the role a tester as in SCRUM. All i know is there will be no documentation , but if there is no test plan and cases, what is the level of expectation or expertise expected from a tester? Any inputs be very helpful.



As you rightly guessed, there are no roles in SCRUM, except Product owner (PO), Scrum Master and the team member. It is more like the present Indian cricket team. Dhoni is into the team for his wicket keeping ability and he is a batsman and captain as well. Tendulkar and Sehwag are into the team for their batting skills, and they are great fielders and bowlers as well. Yuvraj is into the team for his batting skills, and he has taken many crucial wickets. Harbajan is into the team for his bowling skills, and he has taken many vital runs as well. Like wise, in a scrum team, you qualify as a team member for your coding or testing or architecting or graphics skills, and that does not mean that you will be doing only that. A coder can do testing, if she chooses to do so. A tester can do coding, if she chooses to do so. When we say, there are no hard coded roles in scrum, what we mean is ‘you are not bound by the roles’. It is more like the brazilian foot ball. The team goes all out to score…and very often you may see the goal keeper advancing with the ball, beyond the center line…….

The second point – Documentation

If somebody is propagating the wrong information that in SCRUM teams, documentation is not required – it is absolute ignorance. SCRUM is for required amount of documentation, and is against unwanted documentation by the development teams. If there is a 500 page SRS, which nobody is using while coding, then SCRUM is for making it more ‘coder friendly’ by changing the format to user-stories or use-cases. SCRUM is always for enough value adding documentation, and is against any form of non-value adding software.

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The Ups and downs

In spirituality they say that there are highs and lows. Is this true for a profession as well?. Can every day of a professional be quite satisfying or will it be always a mix of good days and bad days. For me, a day without any positive events is just a dry day, and sometimes I feel dejected – because of it. Now, I have hesitantly, but surely have started agreeing to the fact that, every day need not be eventful….rather, majority of the days are just buildups to an eventful day…and I am learning to enjoy the ordinary days as well. Yesterday was a quiet, uneventful day at Kochi, because the city was at a standstill due to the protest against price rise, and the bus operators wants to increase the bus charges due to diesel price hike. Who will be affected the most because of these…..again the poorest of the poor, who are terribly dependent on the public transport!. I can only empathize with them. Thus I got a a free, quiet day at Kochi, with nothing to do….which helped me to enjoy the beauty of the Kochi harbour, in the luxury of a desolated marine drive. It’s not bad. It’s a God sent day to relax…before the next travel spree. Thanks to the uneventful days….I am awaiting more of them…for the much needed rest….:-)