Is ‘first things first’ a ghost word now !

A ‘ghost word’ is a word recorded in a dictionary or other reference work, which is not actually used.

One of  the biggest challenges I am facing today is the inability to judge whether an activity iam performing is a valuable one or a junk one, hence unable to even prioritize. For example, I dont really know the benefit to me, of updating this blog regularly. Is it just a ‘nice to do activity’, which I just enjoy. May be yes. Very often I get surprised when people get back to me after reading some posts in this blog, and sometimes it ends up in business transactions which are mutually beneficial. That way, the time spent on this blog is valuable as well. So the dilema is in the inability to classify an activity as a useful / useless activity…becuase some of the ‘useless activities’ brings in tangible benefits in the longer run.

3 Replies to “Is ‘first things first’ a ghost word now !”

  1. Hi,
    The book “First Things First” by Stephen Covey(same guy who wrote “Seven habits of highly effective people”) may come in handy 🙂


    1. Have read seven habits and first things first, attended those trainings and have practised the concepts for a while. Here I am just probing the validity of those concepts in present day, while genuinly appreciating the seven habits and the first things first…


  2. the whole point of blogging is to be heard, I like to think its elite way of marketing, you dont force things on people you just talk about it and only those who are interested will come back for more, keeping this in mind you can tune into sharing more ideas, more value of the same nature, blog is like a TV series, people watch knowing most of what is going on but they want to get more of it, its a little different every time and value is provided that way. keeping them in the loop so to speak .


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