Five questions to Ken Schwaber…by Me..:-)

1) As per SCRUM alliance web site (, you are a founder member of scrum alliance, why cant you take initiative to clear the confusion created by floating multiple versions of scrum guide?.

2) As one of the founders of SCRUM, do you endorse certifications like CSM, CSP, CSC, CST?. Do you see value in these certifications?.

3) Do you have any control on the training content, exams of these certifications?.

4) I heard (dont know the validity) that scrum alliance (noe there there is as well), is working closely with PMI and SEI. If it is true, what is the objective?.

5) Now there are SCRUM alliance, (something new to me), agile alliance etc. As a genuine SCRUM enthusiast, which one should I follow?. Answers to these from one of the founders of SCRUM will help the SCRUM user community with more clarity. Otherwise I suspect either chicken inavsion or pig’s over enthusiasm to spoil the simplicity of SCRUM, and make it equivalent to all other rules driven stuff which is plenty around us. Please consider this as an SOS 🙂 Thank you in advance Abrachan Pudussery CSP

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