Ken Schwabers post at SCRUM development group…interesting :-)

Scrum has been very successful, passing waterfall in usage during 2008. Some of that is the simplicity of Scrum. Some of that is the desire to escape waterfall. Regardless, I want to thank everyone who has learned and made the effort to use Scrum. Happy New Year, and best wishes.

There are now two definitions of Scrum. One is maintained and sustained by Jeff Sutherland and myself at Another is an old copy that is posted at, by the ScrumAlliance.

Jeff Sutherland and I posited Scrum in the early 1990’s,and first published at OOPSLA’05. The most complete stand-alone definition (of Scrum, not how to use it) was in an appendix of my book, “Agile Project Management with Scrum” 2004. I published the first Scrum guide in February 2007. The first guide published by the Scrum Alliance was based on my April, 2009 Scrum Guide.

Since that time, Jeff and I have been maintaining and sustaining the Scrum Guide, which is now housed at

During the years, I have often seen Scrum get mixed up with techniques that can be used with it. Such techniques include lean, kanban, tqm, extreme programming, etc. That causes confusion about what is and isn’t Scrum. The purpose of Jeff and myself maintaining the Scrum Guide is to retain the integrity of Scrum. Yet, there are many ways to use it and augment it. However, Scrum itself – the simple framework – is defined in our Scrum Guide.

We have been concerned for several months about the Scrum Alliance posting an older version of the Scrum Guide. We haven’t done anything about this until I saw the Chinese Scrum Guide posted, with a Scrum Alliance statement that it owned the Chinese version of the Scrum Guide. Any of you familiar with copyright law know that a derivative of the original is still owned by the original copyright holder.

My concerns for you are several:
1. People inadvertently looking at the ScrumAlliance post of the Scrum Guide in any language are going to be working from incorrect materials
2. If the exam is based on the ScrumAlliance Scrum Guide, the answers are incorrect and the results are not controlled.
3. People without the knowledge or history of Scrum and why it is organized and structured as it is starting to modify it while still calling it Scrum.

I strongly recommend that you refer to the Scrum Guide created and sustained by the authors of Scrum, Jeff and myself.

Happy New Year, and it is my pleasure to work with you to improve our profession.


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