Bus number 500 bangalore

Thanks to my student turned friend mr. Varma for inspiring me to try out the volvo buses @ bangalore. As a recession motivated action, i had already moved from regular taxi service to call taxis and taxis. Varma is a budget travel enthusiast who has covered most of the world. Based on his friendly pursuation i decided to try out the 500 no volvo buse along with him. the travel was quite comfortable at almost one tenth the cost of taxis and auto riskshaws. Since then iam hooked to the bus route 500, if iam going to any of my client’s offices touched by 500. it could be a coincedence….today morning i was travelling in 500 and varma got into the same bus from some stop and when i got out, he occuppied my seat. We are meeting again during one of these evwnings ….may be at the new organic food restaurant owned by another common friend.

When you can afford a car, getting into a bus voluntarily is fun, environment friendly and more physical activity…..dont miss 500 next time you visit bangalore…..

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