The Indians are proving it again!

Sreeshanth the cricketer is back with a bang after 19 months of exile from the Indian cricket team. He was sent out of the team due to his aggressive behavior. On the you tube, I was watching a video of Dennis Lillee bowling to Vivian Richards. Five balls in an over was aimed at the ribs of Richards and on the 6th ball Lillee got the wicket. Did the australians complain about Lillee on this?. Never. John Mcnroe was one of the most prodigal sons of modern day sports. He needed to be angry to perform well. Did the Americans complain about him?. No…Never. One day a boy from South India started bowling to the Goliaths of modern day cricket like the Heydens and Sysmonds and started taking their wickets consistently. Then comes the comment from Heyden ‘ Srishanth is an over rated bowler’. Indian’s listened to Heyden’s words and ditched the Indian boy. We even forgot the fact that Heyden is a batsman who got out consistently by this over rated bowler. So Sreeshanth had to be out of the team for 19 months despite having multiple five wicket hauls outside India. Can we attribute this to the Indian’s white skin syndrome?, or is he the victim of politics within India?.I always liked Srishanth for the aggression and emotions he is bringing to the field, which is lacking in other bowlers, especially Ishanth Sharma. Ishanth just bowls like a robot without emotions, and that is his undoing. Actually he is the most talented bowler in India. Every bowl Sreeshanth bowls, has the potential to get a wicket..and that makes the game interesting when he plays. Let him be himself, and let us support his natural behavior. Let us not try to make a Sachin Tendulkar out of Srishanth. Both are different human beings with cultural differences.

Never mind…Sreeshanth responded back with the true Indian spirit. As I used to mention earlier…Indian’s are great competitors. They need a small provocation to come out with their best. If Gandhiji was not thrown out of that train, most probably India would not have got independence. If Narayanamurthy was not imprisoned for one day in one of those communist countries, most probably Infosys would not have happened. If Harbajan singh was not provoked during the australian series, India would not have won the series…Even a terrorist attack will reinforce India further….contrary to the view of the terrorist.

So let us embrace our natural behavior. Let us not copy the right behavior from others. Let us be our own moral police. Let us not listen to others judgment about us. Let us stop living for a good name from others…let us live a right life as per our conscience.

4 Replies to “The Indians are proving it again!”

  1. Excellent post Abrachan. With both of you (you and Sreesanth) hailing from Cochin, I was expecting this post from you and you didn’t disappoint. Sreesanth is real hero for cricket in India without doubt. He always gave his 100% when playing for India.

    BTW, Indian always do better when provoked. I also think we got provoked little too many times by our neighbours and the result of that is “India becoming one of the super powers of the world”.


  2. Excellent thought provoking post Aby. Yes, it’s true that Indians still have not yet overcome the white skin syndrome. Think that’s the flaw in our fundamental thinking. If a suggestion comes from an Indian, nobody cares to hear that; if the same comes from a white skin; it becomes the talk of the day in India. Why, are we tolerating this?

    Offcourse, we need to respect the natural behaviour of each individual.We need to show our emotions, because that’s the fundamental differentiator of the human beings, compared to non-living thing. Emotions are our strength and we have to build on our strength.Individuals without any sense of emotions, have no sense at all.

    Your words that, let’s stop living to earn a good name from others is very much a need of the hour.

    Thanks for the post.
    Bharath S


    1. Dear Bharath,

      My white skinned friends are not happy with the preferential treatment they get in India. Some of them asked me this question “Why are we getting preferential treatment in India – wherever we go”. So we cannot blame anyone for this, except our own thinking process and complexes.



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