Are you feeling tired and tensed?. All of us do, once in a while. Some times throughout a stretch of our lives, and it is temporary. It will pass away. So what is the point in worrying more about something. Surrendering everything to God helps. If we have to surrender something, we should own something. In this life, what is that we own….we dont even own ourselves….everything will pass away. When we say ‘surrender’, we are just acknowledging the fact that we dont have anything of our own, except what is given from above, thats all. This attitude of surrender liberates. It gives peace and graceful rhythm to our actions. Creating a humble attitude out of surrendering everything and praying to implement his plan in our lives, makes things easier, and very often the results exceeds our expectations.

Once, one of my friends asked me this question “Aby, why are you praying for a BMW, when your Father has decided to give you a Ferrari?”. God’s plans for you are different. So surrender everything and listen…..


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