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The Indians are proving it again!

Sreeshanth the cricketer is back with a bang after 19 months of exile from the Indian cricket team. He was sent out of the team due to his aggressive behavior. On the you tube, I was watching a video of Dennis Lillee bowling to Vivian Richards. Five balls in an over was aimed at the ribs of Richards and on the 6th ball Lillee got the wicket. Did the australians complain about Lillee on this?. Never. John Mcnroe was one of the most prodigal sons of modern day sports. He needed to be angry to perform well. Did the Americans complain about him?. No…Never. One day a boy from South India started bowling to the Goliaths of modern day cricket like the Heydens and Sysmonds and started taking their wickets consistently. Then comes the comment from Heyden ‘ Srishanth is an over rated bowler’. Indian’s listened to Heyden’s words and ditched the Indian boy. We even forgot the fact that Heyden is a batsman who got out consistently by this over rated bowler. So Sreeshanth had to be out of the team for 19 months despite having multiple five wicket hauls outside India. Can we attribute this to the Indian’s white skin syndrome?, or is he the victim of politics within India?.I always liked Srishanth for the aggression and emotions he is bringing to the field, which is lacking in other bowlers, especially Ishanth Sharma. Ishanth just bowls like a robot without emotions, and that is his undoing. Actually he is the most talented bowler in India. Every bowl Sreeshanth bowls, has the potential to get a wicket..and that makes the game interesting when he plays. Let him be himself, and let us support his natural behavior. Let us not try to make a Sachin Tendulkar out of Srishanth. Both are different human beings with cultural differences.

Never mind…Sreeshanth responded back with the true Indian spirit. As I used to mention earlier…Indian’s are great competitors. They need a small provocation to come out with their best. If Gandhiji was not thrown out of that train, most probably India would not have got independence. If Narayanamurthy was not imprisoned for one day in one of those communist countries, most probably Infosys would not have happened. If Harbajan singh was not provoked during the australian series, India would not have won the series…Even a terrorist attack will reinforce India further….contrary to the view of the terrorist.

So let us embrace our natural behavior. Let us not copy the right behavior from others. Let us be our own moral police. Let us not listen to others judgment about us. Let us stop living for a good name from others…let us live a right life as per our conscience.

Congratulations Sinniah Shanmuganthan, PMP

Dear Mr.Abrachan,
I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully completed my PMP credential in Qatar on 15 Nov 2009.
Your practical & exam oriented training was indeed very helpful in achieving this great milestone.
In this occasion, I will have to thank Syscom Management, the registered course provider for their sincere service.
Thank you once again.
Sinniah Shanmuganthan, PMP

Opportunity to be part of a great cause !

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Bijumon Peter, Sneha Care Home-Snehadaan May I bring to your kind notice regarding a solemn supper organized by Bangalore School’s Sports Foundation in association with Sneha Care Home along with the Celebrity leaders of the state and the country, on the occasion of World AIDS Day on 1st December, 2009 at 7.30 pm at Hotel Chancery Pavilion, Residency Road, Bangalore The amount collected as entrance fee will be used for conducting a Sports day named “The CHAMPION in me” for the HIV infected children on 12th December, 2009 at Snehadaan Campus, Bangalore and for the other sports-related activities for the HIV infected children in the state in the ensuing years. Bangalore School’s Sports Foundation wishes to be a key partner in reaching out to the children and youth to promote sporting activities, prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through sports and to build their self esteem and confidence. Bangalore School’s Sports Foundation will play a leading role in the sporting fraternity contributing to the global fight against HIV/AIDS by active sports and recreational development programmes and mobilizing resources for the children. Entrance Fee: Rs. 3000/- (Single) Rs. 5000/- (Couple) If you wish to be part of this venture and if like to have entrance pass, please reply or please contact Bijumon Peter ( 0091 9620129355) Thank you for whatever you have been to us and look forward to hearing from you.

With good wishes, Bijumon Peter, Coordinator, Sneha Care Home, Snehadaan Campus

Trusted customer’s are back again …

Last year, I wrote about these trust worthy fishermen, who paid me the price of our farm produce which they purchased, which exceeded the agreed upon quantity, even without supervision. This gave me the life’s lesson of ‘trust worthiness of the poorest”.  You can trust them. Today, after an year, they came back…again to buy bamboo leaf, which they use for protecting the chinese nets, and to attract more fish. When I saw them, after an year, I was really delighted. This time the negotiation was even smoother and faster. The speed of trust…..:-)


Are you feeling tired and tensed?. All of us do, once in a while. Some times throughout a stretch of our lives, and it is temporary. It will pass away. So what is the point in worrying more about something. Surrendering everything to God helps. If we have to surrender something, we should own something. In this life, what is that we own….we dont even own ourselves….everything will pass away. When we say ‘surrender’, we are just acknowledging the fact that we dont have anything of our own, except what is given from above, thats all. This attitude of surrender liberates. It gives peace and graceful rhythm to our actions. Creating a humble attitude out of surrendering everything and praying to implement his plan in our lives, makes things easier, and very often the results exceeds our expectations.

Once, one of my friends asked me this question “Aby, why are you praying for a BMW, when your Father has decided to give you a Ferrari?”. God’s plans for you are different. So surrender everything and listen…..


Cause and Effect !

Recently I was going through the works of Swami Vivekanda..and these are some of the excerpts from the book.

Work and it’s secret – Delivered at Los Angeles, California, January 4th 1900

“One of the greatest lessons I have learnt in my life is to pay as much attention to the means of work as to it’s end.  It appears to me that all the secret of success is there; to pay as much attention to the means as to the end. Our greatest defect in life is that we are drawn so much to the ideal, the goal is so much more enchanting, so much more alluring, so much bigger in our mental horizon, that we loose sight of the details altogether.

But whenever failure comes, if anayze it critically, in ninety nine percent of the cases, we shall find that it was because we did not pay attention to the means. With the means all right, the end must come.”

In 1943 Karou Ishikava coined the cause and effect diagram.


Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, a Japanese quality control statistician, invented the fishbone diagram. It is often also referred to as the Ishikawa diagram. The fishbone diagram is an analysis tool that provides a systematic way of looking at effects and the causes that create or contribute to those effects. Because of the function of the fishbone diagram, it may be referred to as a cause-and-effect diagram. The design of the diagram looks much like the skeleton of a fish. Therefore, it is often referred to as the fishbone diagram. A cause-and-effect diagram can help identify the reasons why a process goes out of control. Often the fishbone diagram can be used to summarize the results of a brainstorming session, identifying the causes of a specified undesirable outcome. It helps to identify root causes and ensures a common understanding of the causes.

Cause-and-effect relationships govern everything that happens and as such are the path to effective problem solving. By knowing the causes, we can find some that are within our control and then change or modify them to meet our goals and objectives. By understanding the nature of the cause-and-effect principle, we can draw a diagram to help us solve everyday problems every time. Below is an example of use of Ishikawa Diagram to solve a difficulty on locating a drawing.

A Japanese building further on Indian’s idea!