The day lot of HIV positive people touched me!

My visit to Snehadaan !

Of late I was praying to God to show me his plan for me, rather than materialistic things, and one fine day I reached a point where I could not resist the call to act. I used my smart phone (till now status symbol) to search for opportunities to serve the deserving, and that search led me to snehadaan, an institution dedicated to the HIV positive, functioning in the outskirts of Bangalore (Sarjapur road). When I contacted them, the coordinator there welcomed me with both hands, and I went there yesterday psyching myself to be mentally strong to face the horrible. I went there (that itself is a big miracle), and the coordinator took me around, explained to me the stages of aids, the treatment, how the patients are classified etc. To my surprise, I did not see any horrible sights. All the patients were taken care of well physically, spiritually and emotionally. Of course, they will die one day sooner or later, but they will have a better death, that is for sure. Full credit to Snehadaan and to God. Then they took me to the HIV positive children’s section. It is a boarding school attached to the institute, and there were around 65 of them, all cute ones, well taken care of. Every body could speak decent English, thanks to the very good education they are getting. Then one young boy, may be 4 years of age greeted me ‘Good evening uncle?’ when it was 10.30 a.m, and invited me to share his cup of milk. I wanted to give him something, and unfortunately I did not have anything to give him.

I came back to the Bangalore city, and the first thing I did was to go for shopping, with my daughter to buy some toys for these kids, and today morning we went back to snehadaan to meet these kids, and we had a really wonderful and rewarding experience. We played with these kids with these new toys, and most of them were very clever and intelligent. They could finish off the puzzles in no time. Then we had a small prayer session with action songs. No specific God was highlighted, as there were kids from different religions. We came back by around 12 p.m, and I am sure that I will go back there again.

Dear Lord, thank you very much for using me for a noble cause.Please give me more opportunities like this, because at the end of my life, when I look back, I will remember only these.

Make a trip to snehadaan. All you need is to contact the coordinator there. I can also help you if you want it. One request…dont go there to see them…please go there to know them and to experience their life, and if possible to plant a smile on their faces…not out of sympathy…but out of social responsibility and love of mankind….I am sure that God will plant a smile on your face as well.

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