At last Indians are going after meritocracy!

I am really glad to see ‘true’ democracy evolving in India. This time the Indian citizens learned to vote according to the sheer merit of the candidates. Message is very clear. “If you dont serve us better, we will chuck you out”. This time onwards the youth was coming forward enmasse to cast their votes. ‘Cast your Vote’ has become the ‘in thing’. It is really wonderful to see this change in attitude. This will clense Indian political system. This will make our politicians more accountable, else they will loose their positions. I wish if someone could bring in a 24/7 360 degree appraisal system for our politicians, where a continuous feedback and ranking system is implemented !.

From Trivandrum, Shashi Tharoor got elected, with a huge margin. He has no visible political background in Kerala, yet people voted for him. Now let us wait and see whether these highly qualified politicians will be able to serve Indian’s better!. Atleast now there is room for hope !.

Jai Hind !

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